10 futuristic technology jobs - hard to believe!

10 futuristic technology jobs - hard to believe!

In today's technology-infused world, the executive assistant of today is the "avatar relationship manager" of tomorrow

Job descriptions on reed.co.uk, now include responsibilities and buzzwords that may not even have existed as few as five years ago.

And while chefs specialising in 3D-printed cuisine or drone traffic analysts arent quite ubiquitous jobs today — yet — there are plenty of job titles out there that make many of us do a double take. From jobs focused on sustainability efforts to careers that manage futuristic technologies such as robotics, its no secret that modern tech has a huge impact on todays career landscape.

1. New technologies — think: drones, robotics and virtual reality — present countless opportunities for businesses and startups alike to capitalise on buzz and momentum. The below jobs are all representative of career paths on the rise.

Certified UAV pilot: Unmanned automatic vehicles — or drones, as we more commonly refer to them — present huge potential for the future of many industries and career paths, ranging from those in the military to the consumer packaged goods industry. Whether theyre developed for purposes of research, covert missions, artistic photography or simply delivering your latest convenience store order, drones dont appear to be going anywhere soon. Those who can fly them expertly will have a plethora of jobs to choose from in the coming years.

3D-printed clothing designer: The fashion world isnt immune to the influence of technology, either. In recent years, 3D-printed designs have appeared on runways ranging from Milan to New York, and 3D-printed jewelry, accessories and even bathing suits are making a splash in the industry. 3D printing presents affordable manufacturing possibilities; as the technology improves and becomes more accessible, its expected to continue revolutionizing the manufacturing process as we know it.

Augmented reality architect: VR has become a buzzword within industries ranging from entertainment — film and video games — to healthcare. Today, augmented reality is even applicable as a form of therapy. The technology presents a huge opportunity for designers interested in dabbling in new and exciting possibilities while creating immersive experiences.

Quantified self assessment auditor: Move over, personal trainers. The quantified self movement has us tracking everything from daily caloric intake to average heart rate to levels of physical exertion. But simply knowing the numbers doesnt do much to improve our lifestyles: The ability to take this data and come up with an optimal nutrition or fitness plan is another story entirely. This career path melds the skills of a nutritionist or physical therapist with data analysis — and may be a perfect fit for any tech-savvy fitness buff.
Technology is making a huge impact on our everyday lives, including the career opportunities available to young professionals and seasoned job seekers alike. Staying ahead of the curve and keeping abreast of these futuristic career paths may help you land a job in a promising and lucrative tech-focused field.
Careers focused on sustainability

2. With more and more companies focused on reducing their carbon footprints and creating an energy-efficient future, theres been a recent surge in environmentally conscious careers. Below are just a few job titles that may be a fit for those interested in pursuing a career in sustainability.

Smart city urban planner: City planners and architects today must consider more than just traffic flow — they have to consider the kind of traffic that may also be clogging our streets (or skies) 20 or 30 years down the road. In addition, these future-focused planners have to think about the ways buildings, streets and even parking lots will incorporate smart technologies and adjust infrastructure accordingly. Many of these job titles are also closely related to environmental matters, renewable energy sources and turning "smart cities" into sustainable ones, too.

Smart meter test lab manager: Smart technologies arent just limited to our kitchens or phones. Today, smart and connected devices are making their way into traditional energy technologies, such as gas meters. In fact, in Great Britain, the GB Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) will roll out smart meter technology to all homes on a national scale, beginning in September 2015.

Smart grid solution architect: The smart grid is a concept gripping the attention of urban planners, architects and sustainability experts alike. Combining energy efficient resources with traditional utilities can help lead to greener, cleaner cities of the future. This disruptive career path is poised to become a lucrative option for engineers and technical architects.

3. Big data means big business opportunities these days. Data analysts and professionals versed in modern practices and concepts like social media marketing have a leg up over the competition. Below are a few career paths that add a tech-savvy element to traditional roles.

Big data architect: Data analysis has moved to the large-scale. Being able to interpret and pare down what an intimidating amount of data means for a business bottom line can have immeasurable advantages for job seekers in this hot new industry.

Alternative currency specialist: Bankers and financial analysts of the future may have to worry about more than just the value of the pound, euro or dollar; alternative currencies such as Bitcoin pose potential to disrupt traditional financial institutions — and new career paths are emerging as a result. In the heyday of Bitcoin, for example, "miners" were making unprecedented profits. Though Bitcoins value has fluctuated since its inception, many economists and finance experts predict that, at least conceptually, alternative currencies present an extremely interesting investment opportunity.

Ecommerce business manager: Savvy brick-and-mortar businesses are developing extensive online presences and communities, and many retail startups are foregoing storefronts for digital counterparts. Business managers well versed in SEO, online and email marketing tactics, and content management and distribution are coming out on top in competitive ecommerce careers.

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