The best business brokers of Ukraine

The best business brokers of Ukraine

Choosing a business broker or who will come to assist in selling a business and raising capital?

If you are going to buy or sell a business in Ukraine, invest, raise capital or need other investment banking services, then contacting an investment bank or a professional business broker is the best solution. But remember that there are many non-professionals on the brokerage market, and the Internet is filled with web-sites of dormant companies, so choosing a suitable contractor is not so easy.

Traditionally, brokerage services in Ukraine are provided by large investment banks, investment companies and business brokers.

Many investment banks are well known on the market, they have highly qualified professionals, but their services are expensive, so they often work mainly with large businesses.

Small or medium-sized businesses are much more profitable to cooperate with professional brokerage or investment companies that sell business and attract smaller investments and are multi industry.

We posted earlier how to choose a business broker to sell your business, now we present a selection of the most famous and active investment banks and business brokers in Ukraine.

I. CAPITALIZATION - $ 5,000,000 +


Dragon Capital logo - инвестбанк

Dragon Capital is the largest investment company in Ukraine, providing a full range of investment, banking and brokerage services for corporate and private customers. With a help of Dragon Capital, more than 100 transactions with a total value of more than $ 5 billion were successfully completed. The Ukrainian exchange named Dragon Capital the leader of the Ukrainian stock market, the company received awards as the best online broker and leader in the field of online trading. Dragon Capital also has its own investment package, which includes such companies as: KMZ Industries, Chumak, Alladin shopping and entertainment center.


Year of foundation: 2000

Specialization and types of services: M&A, trading, online trading, investment banking, direct investment, analytics, depository, brokerage and consulting services.

Industry specific expertise: development, residential and commercial real estate, media, food production, agriculture, banking, pharmaceuticals.

Beneficiaries (owners) and key management:

  • Tomas Fiala - CEO
  • Brian Best - Managing Director, Investment Banking
  • Fedir Bagnenko - Managing Director, Fixed Income Trading
  • Ivo Suchy - Managing Director, Head of Financial Markets and Treasury
  • Eugene Baranov - Managing Director, Private Equity
  • Volodymyr Tymochko - Managing Director, Private Equity
  • Andriy Nosok - Managing Director, Private Equity


ICU - инвестбанк

ICU is a financial group that provides securities trading services, investment banking services, and manages the assets of private and institutional investors. Since 2013, the Avangard Bank has also been a part of the ICU Group. The company also has one of the best and the most qualified analytical personnel. In 2012, Bloomberg named ICU as the best multi-strategic fund in terms of profitability, and in 2015 ICU headed the list of investment banks of Ukraine compiled by Cbonds agency. During the course of M&A transactions, ICU provided financial adviser services to such companies as: Kernel, Roshen, Kyivstar. In total, the ICU investment banking team made M&A transactions for more than $ 1 billion.


Year of foundation: 2006

Specialization and types of services: M&A, raising and placement of equity capital, raising debt capital, debt restructuring, investment management, dealer operations, custody and brokerage services, analytical customer support, sale of securities.

Industry specific expertise: agriculture, financial and banking sector, telecommunications and IT, real estate, retail chains, engineering, mining industry.

Beneficiaries (owners) and key management:

  • Konstantin Stetsenko - Founding Partner
  • Makar Pasenyuk - Founding Partner
  • Roman Nikitov - Director, Investment Banking
  • Ruslan Kilmukhametov - Director, Debt Capital Markets
  • Ivan Shvydanenko - Director, Investment Banking
  • Yuri Kamaritsky - Vice President, Investment Banking
  • Inna Vedrinskaya - Head of Investment Capital Ukraine AMC


Concorde Capital - инвестбанк

A leading Ukrainian investment company provides a full range of investment and brokerage services. Thanks to Concorde Capital, Ukrainian entrepreneurs managed to raise over $ 3 billion for business development. In 2017 and 2018, the company entered the TOP 3 list of The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey in the nomination “Ukrainian analytics”. Also in 2018, Concord Capital became the winner in the nomination “Best analytics on the Ukrainian market” in the Cbonds Award for the CIS region 2018 rating. In 2017, in the same rating, the company was recognized in three categories: “Best Trader on the Ukrainian Market”, “Best Investment Bank of Ukraine ”,“ The Best Studies of Financial Markets in Ukraine ”.


Year of foundation: 2004

Specialization and types of services: M&A, IPO, attraction of investments, debt financing, business consulting, brokerage services and operations with securities.

Industry specific expertise: online retail, real estate, alternative energy, medicine, pharmaceuticals, banking, manufacturing industry.

Beneficiaries (owners) and key management:

  • Igor Mazepa - Founder, CEO
  • Igor Sotnik - Director of Investment Banking Department
  • Aleksander Griban - Director of Origination, Investment Banking Department
  • Sergey Chuikin - Managing Director, Investment Banking Department


Finpoint - инвестбанк

FinPoint is an investment banking company that provides consulting services in M&A processes in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. Since 2009, FinPoint has been a strategic partner company of Rothschild in Ukraine, which allows FinPoint to find investors for Ukrainian businesses around the world and provides a wide network of contacts with the leaders of major corporations and financial institutions.


Year of foundation: 2003

Specialization and types of services: M&A, debt operations and debt restructuring, financial advice, consultations while preparing for an IPO, business valuation.

Industry specific expertise: banking, insurance, transport and infrastructure, agriculture, food and consumer goods production, construction materials manufacturing, energy and public utilities.

Beneficiaries (owners) and key management:

  • Sergey Budkin - Managing Partner


II.CAPITALIZATION - $ 1,000,000 +


InVenture - инвестбанк

The company is one of the leaders on the market of ready-made businesses sales and raising investment. InVenture also controls the first and the largest Ukrainian online media publication dedicated to direct investment and venture capital. The total amount of transactions completed with a help of InVenture since 2012 exceeded $ 120 million, more than 500 clients of the company found potential investors and buyers for their businesses.


Year of foundation: 2009

Types of services: Investment brokerage services on medium and small businesses sales, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), attraction of direct investments and debt capital, corporate finance consulting, investment marketing and PR. You can find out more about selling a business, attracting investments on the page with a list of services. If you want to invest or buy a ready-made business, then you should register on the page for investors.

Industry specific expertise: agriculture and agribusiness, manufacturing sector, services sector, commercial and industrial real estate, alternative energy, healthcare, IT.

Beneficiaries (owners) and key management:

  • Alexey Oleynikov - Managing Partner
  • Yuriy Bochkur-Krasnyansky - Partner
  • Roman Kantarovsky - Partner
  • Igor Petrov - Partner
  • Lyudmyla Sysa - Associate Partner, Southern Region
  • Alexander Tsyganenko - Associate Partner, Eastern Region


Capital Times - инвестбанк

Capital Times is a leading investment banking boutique in Ukraine and Belarus (headquartered in Kyiv and Minsk), providing services to private and corporate customers. Since 2014, the company has become a member of the Globalscope Partners network of international M&A consultants. In 2013, Capital Times was recognized as the leading M&A adviser in Ukraine and Belarus on the number of transactions according to research by PREQVECA and The company is also one of the founders of the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA), as well as a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC).


Year of foundation: 2006

Specialization and types of services: M&A, raising capital, business consulting, wellness management, fund creation and management, operations with domestic government bonds.

Industry specific expertise: telecommunications and IT, healthcare, logistics, retail, agribusiness and food production, manufacturing industry, energy.

Beneficiaries (owners) and key management:

  • Sergey Goncharevich - Managing Partner
  • Erik Nayman - Managing Partner
  • Dmitriy Zhipetskiy - Partner
  • Dmitriy Baranovskiy - Vice President
  • Kateryna Polyakova - Vice President


SP Advisors - инвестбанк

SP Advisors is an investment house providing a full range of consulting, asset management and commercial banking services. It operates in Ukraine, Georgia and other countries of Eastern Europe. The company helps international investors to identify attractive assets and also provides advisory services to local companies wishing to raise capital and improve corporate governance standards. Starting from 2012, SP Advisors has been actively conducting direct investments in Ukraine through its own commercial banking services.


Year of foundation: 2011

Specialization and types of services: M&A, debt operations and debt restructuring, legal and financial advice, direct investment, brokerage, risk management, asset management, market analytics.

Industry specific expertise: transport and infrastructure, agriculture, food and consumer goods manufacturing, banking.

Beneficiaries (owners) and key management:

  • Nick Piazza - Director
  • Oleg Pronin - Vice President
  • Alexander Tsarpin - Vice President
  • Yulia Piazza - Director



Startup.Network - стартапы

An investment platform that specializes in work and promotion of startups, projects with an IT component. The function of the platform is to ensure communication between entrepreneurs, consultants, investors.


Year of foundation: 2007

Types of services: Placing a project on a portal, sending out a business or investment project through investor database, personal selection of projects for investors, search for profitable investment offers, assistance in selling a business, raising investments, and getting a loan. Presentation of the project at the event Startup Battle in front of business angels, representatives of investment banks, investors. The opportunity to receive recommendations from experts, members of the Startup.Network expert council. Also, dedicated expert in various fields can become Startup.Network partners, offering their services to entrepreneurs and investors using the platform, becoming a co-organizer of events.

Industry specific expertise: startups of all sectors, IT.

Beneficiaries (owners) and key management:

  • Alexander Soroka - Founder of Startup.Network investment platform
  • Yulia Smelaya - Event Director
  • Alexey Zhabsky - Head of Crowd.Inc



Portal for sales of small businesses and franchises. BizRating specializes in the provision of advertising and intermediary services. The portal also contains articles on brokerage, franchising, operating, selling and buying a business.


Year of foundation: 2009

Types of services: Sending offers to subscribers (through database), composing thematic articles about business, placing in a catalog of a ready-made business on the portal’s main page. Placing offers in the Google TOP, turnkey announcement, the banner with offer on the web-site, placing on the InterCredit portal, placing offers in the “Urgent business for sale” block. As an exclusive option for cooperation, an investment memorandum is signed and a business valuation is carried out.

Industry specific expertise: all sectors

Beneficiaries (owners) and key management:

  • Valeriy Zherehelya - Owner and Director

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