Evgenia Timofeenko, Mayak REA: Why it is important to invest in real estate

Evgenia Timofeenko, Mayak REA: Why it is important to invest in real estate

Evgenia Timofeenko, founder and CEO of the real estate agency Mayak Real Estate about real estate investment and risk management

Investing is always a risk, but there are options that are more or less risky. By approaching the market with a clear understanding, it is possible to minimize risk and invest in real estate for passive income. Even in unstable times, this can be an excellent tool for generating income. Evgenia Timofeenko, the founder and CEO of Mayak Real Estate, explains more about this opportunity.

Evgenia Timofeenko, Mayak REA: Why it is important to invest in real estate

Advantages of investing in overseas real estate

Investing in real estate is a great way to secure your financial future. Evgenia Timofeenko, a real estate specialist, recommends investing some capital from your business in real estate. While some clients choose to invest in real estate for personal use, others take her advice and invest for long-term stability. However, investing in Ukrainian real estate in 2023 could be risky due to the unstable economic situation and the threat of physical destruction of housing. Instead, investing in foreign properties could be a better option. It is important to note that the risks and profitability forecast will depend on the specific region and property.

Investments in foreign real estate attract, first of all, low risks, stable market situation and high profitability. This is a good opportunity to protect capital from the effects of inflation and earn. In addition, you can get income without much effort, if you delegate the work of renting out apartments or villas to a management company.

"It is important to remember that real estate is steadily increasing in value. If we are talking about such countries as the UAE, UK, USA, Turkey and not only" - adds Evgenia Timofeenko

 Evgenia Timofeenko, Mayak REA: Why it is important to invest in real estate

The importance of real estate investment in unstable times

Investing in residential real estate can be a more stable income generating tool than your own business. A real-life situation from the life of a Mayak Real Estate client can be cited as an example. Alexander Alekseenka (name changed for confidentiality purposes) had a profitable business in Ukraine, but a full-scale military invasion began, causing him to lose his business.

"For several years, even before 2022, our agency helped Alexander to choose the right properties and profitably invest money in foreign real estate. He lost his business, but he did not lose these investments. And now they are bringing him serious income," says Evgenia Timofeenko

Alexander Alekseenko currently earns a monthly profit of around $200,000 by investing in properties located in different countries. His portfolio is diversified to minimize risk and includes investment properties in London, Dubai, USA, Turkey, and Spain. Alexander started investing in real estate a few years ago and continues to explore new cities to keep up with changing trends. Mayak Real Estate Agency offers customized investment portfolios to its clients based on their financial goals and situation. These portfolios include both residential and commercial properties that can be profitably rented out, leading to a high return on investment.

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