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Operating poultry complex in Cherkasy region

An operating agricultural business in the field of growing and selling chicken products with a positive financial and legal history is offered for purchase.


Черкасская область, Украина

  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Business activity: Livestock
  • Price: $1 200 000
  • Share: 100%

Assets (real estate, utilities and equipment):

Land plot – 16 hectares (lease agreements for 49 years)

14 capital poultry houses with a total area of ​​19,000 square meters, including 8 operating poultry houses with a full automated set of Roxel equipment (the cost of one new set today is EUR 50,000-60,000).

The production capacity of all poultry houses: 2,100,000 heads per year, or 4.8 thousand tons of commercial poultry per year.

There is an opportunity to place additional poultry houses on the territory in the amount of 8 pieces – 13,600 sq. m., which will increase the capacity by 1.8 times to 8.6 thousand tons of marketable poultry per year.

Stationary sanitary inspection room with changing rooms for staff.

Transport shop – 3 trucks with refrigeration equipment.

Slaughterhouse – 150 sq. m. with a capacity of 750 heads / hour, with a refrigerator of 10 tons and a reusable container (new equipment)

Incubator (Requires investment)

Office building with equipped offices, internet, telephone.

Power substation – 430 kW through two independent feeders (power reserve 60%)

Own artesian well for 20 m3 / h (new water supply system)

Straw storehouse 1,600 sq. m. (a possibility of storage of bedding material for 1 year)

Veterinary pharmacy


Car garages


Repair shop

Gas supply and heating system with its own gas distributing plant

Stationary equipped company store for the sale of its own finished products

The territory of the enterprise is paved and fenced.

Compound feed shop – production capacity 24 tons / shift, 6.2 thousand tons of feed per year, 100% provision of existing capacity with own feed (new equipment)

Staff: 35 people

Sales: Availability of databases and counterparties for the sale of finished products – 120 counterparties, for the sale of live poultry – 250 counterparties, chicken waste – 5 counterparties.

Availability of working contracts and supplier database: chickens, veterinary drugs, building materials, equipment, solid fuel, gas, electricity, straw, ready-made feed, logistics services, etc.

Non-production assets:

  • Two trade marks.
  • Land plot on the banks of the Dnipro river with an area of 0.02 hectares (for recreational purposes)


Technical documentation: projects and permits for gasification, project and special permit for water use, projects and laboratory studies for electricity, permits for the formation and disposal of waste, permits for emissions (ecology), operational permits for growing, slaughtering, export, emergency response plan, technical documentation for buildings, certificate of ownership, technical documentation for land plots, technical permits DSTU, TU, OVOS, object identification, permission of the Ministry of Emergencies.

Availability of Compliance Reviews for finished products, Halel certificate.

Taxation: Payers of the single tax of the 4th group in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine – a fixed agricultural tax (VAT remains at the disposal of the payer).

Fully transparent ownership system (shareholders are individuals).

Additional information is available upon request and in person


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