EBRD backs Ukraine’s leading leasing company "OTP Leasing" with €20 million guarantee

EBRD backs Ukraine’s leading leasing company "OTP Leasing" with €20 million guarantee

OTP Leasing will use guarantee to support €80 million of financing, bolstering food security and other critical industries

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is supporting agribusiness and other critical industries in Ukraine by providing a €20 million unfunded risk-sharing instrument to OTP Leasing, the country’s largest leasing company, with a strong presence in the agricultural sector. Supporting food security in wartime Ukraine is one of five priorities for EBRD investment in the country’s real economy.

The instrument will enable OTP Leasing to support private companies operating in primary and secondary agriculture and other critical industries, from food processing to retail, logistics and pharmaceuticals with the ultimate goal of preserving livelihoods in Ukraine. It will also support long-term capital investments of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade their technologies and equipment, stimulating the uptake of greener technologies.

The facility, composed of two elements, will cover up to 50 per cent of the credit risk of €80 million in newly originated contracts provided by OTP Leasing, subject to a portfolio cap of 50 per cent. This instrument brings the total volume of similar guarantees signed since the start of Russia’s full-scale war on Ukraine up to €368 million.

One part of the facility falls under the EBRD’s Resilience and Livelihoods Framework for Ukraine and neighbouring states, created as a response to the Russian invasion last year and designed to mitigate its economic impact.

The other part is supported by the EU4Business-EBRD credit-line, which encourages investments in sustainable and green technologies aligned with EU standards.

In response to the war, the EBRD has committed to raise its investment in Ukraine to €3 billion in 2022-23. To mitigate risks on its investments the EBRD cooperates with donors and partners. In this case half of the risk from the new exposure will be offset by First Loss Risk Cover provided by a donor.

Alongside food security, the EBRD’s investment focus in wartime Ukraine is on energy security, vital infrastructure, trade and the private sector. In addition to a resilience package for Ukraine and neighbouring countries affected by the war, the EBRD has pledged to help finance Ukraine’s reconstruction once conditions permit.

OTP Leasing has an approximate 45 per cent market share in Ukraine in terms of leasing portfolio. It provides financial leases and fleet management services to corporates and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises across the country and is ultimately owned by OTP Bank Plc., Hungary.

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