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Freedom Finance takes over domestic trading company of Ukranet

A message about merger of a kind was sent to the customers of Ukranet notifying of the change in the corporate title to Freedom Finance Ukraine

As a result of the deal, the charter capital of Ukranet was increased from about UAH 9mln to UAH 20mln (USD 0.7mln). Prior to the deal, 98% of the company belonged to Company Nettrader Ukraine LLC, while 1.96% shares were possessed by mrs. Marina Mashkova who acted as the CEO of Ukranet since October 2014.

Now, BusinessTrain Ltd owns 100% of the shares of Ukranet, whilst Ukranet has announced about changing the company name to Freedom Finance Ukraine.

Freedom finance is a Russian company which has 34 offices in Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. More than 70 000 clients are part of the company’s portfolio of customers. The company manages USD 400mln worth of funds, while its private means stand at USD 35mln.

Freedom Finance provides brokerage services in the US exchanges of NYSE and NASDAQ, British LSE, Russian MICEX-RTS and SPB, Kazakh KASE, and now Ukrainian UX.

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