Rafal Brzoska will invest 100 million euros in the Ukraine reconstruction fund

Rafal Brzoska will invest 100 million euros in the Ukraine reconstruction fund

Rafal Brzoska, CEO of InPost, intends to contribute 100 million euros to the Ukraine recovery fund. Also, he wants to attract other businessmen and companies not only from Poland to this project.

Rafal Brzoska is looking for people to join the foundation in at least four neighboring countries. He is also discussing the issue of Ukrainian renewal with the American administration and representatives of the American business community. The CEO of InPost says that a strong partner is a necessary condition for creating a fund, and he sees American business as a strong partner.

According to preliminary estimates, rebuilding Ukraine could cost between $700 billion and $1 trillion. The largest countries of the Western world, led by the United States, will take part in this process.

The businessman believes that stopping the war is also a matter of Poland’s security.

“The Americans are also confident that Putin will not stop if he defeats Ukraine. For my part, I declare that I can contribute 100 million euros to the creation of such a fund in order to show other Polish entrepreneurs that it is worth participating in. However, there is one condition: there must be a strong partner on the other side, and I cannot imagine a stronger partner than American business,” the Polish businessman said in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

“The signal about our readiness to act must be given constantly,” says the Polish billionaire. Restoring Ukraine is my mission. I see a guarantee of Poland's security in the restoration of a strong Ukraine. During NATO expansion, we became such a buffer for Germany. Then Germany began to actively invest in Poland and earned €4 for every €1 spent. History may repeat itself... and it will have economic benefits for our entire country. The Ukrainian context will be very important for InPost in the future. Ukraine will have many problems, but society will want to make up for the lost time as soon as possible. This will become a natural case for logistics companies like ours,” says the Polish billionaire.”

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