Telecommunications Vega to invest USD 4mln into modernization

Telecommunications Vega to invest USD 4mln into modernization

The CEO of the telecommunications Vega, Murat Chinar who is also a member of the SCM holding made the announcement

Telecommunications Vega plans to invest USD 4mln into modernization during next 3years, according to Murat Chinar, the CEO.

Now the company is implementing a pilot project for networks using GPON technology. The new technology provides greater security of data transmission, multi-service (simultaneous receipt of several services when connected to a single router), and so-called minors, that is, for the implementation of technology, minor interference in the construction of buildings is necessary.

The pilot projects are undergoing in the center of Kyiv and Odessa. The first users will switch from the outdated ADSL technology.

The company calculated that an investment of about USD 70 per user is needed to transfer one subscriber to the new GPON technology. Thus, the total investment in the project will be at USD 4mln. Moreover, the company promises that no additional charges will be put on subscribers and the cost of services will remain the same.

Vega emphasizes that there is also demand from small and medium businesses for this technology too.

As of present, Vega hosts about 150,000 Internet subscribers.

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