The "Dobrobut" medical network opened a new clinic in Kyiv for $20 million

The "Dobrobut" medical network opened a new clinic in Kyiv for $20 million

A new multidisciplinary clinic of the medical network "Dobrobut" was opened In Kyiv, on Bazhana street (ex clinic "Boris"). The total investment in the project was $20 million.

A new multidisciplinary hospital of the "Dobrobut" medical network for adults and children has been opened in Kyiv. The new medical clinic covers all patient needs - from emergency care and basic diagnostics to complex surgical interventions.

The new "Dobrobut" clinic is located at Mykola Bazhana Avenue, 12a.

The "Dobrobut" medical center on Bazhan includes: a 24-hour reception department, a polyclinic and a hospital for children and adults, a radiology department, dentistry, resuscitation and intensive care, an operating room, emergency medical care.

Currently, more than 200 medical specialists work in the new clinic.

Initially, it was planned to launch the new "Dobrobut" clinic in April 2022. Reconstruction works was started in June 2021, but was forced to stop with the outbreak of war on February 24, 2022.

"We planned this opening for two years, but first COVID-19, then the war made corrections to our ambitious plans. But, despite everything, we opened a new multidisciplinary hospital "Dobrobut" on the left bank of Kyiv", - noted Ihor Mazepa, one of the founders of Dobrobut.

"Our new multidisciplinary hospital is the embodiment of our belief in victory. It is evidence that Ukrainian business firmly believes in the future of Ukraine. The total amount of investment in the project amounted to almost 20 million dollars," said Vadym Shekman, general director of Dobrobut.

The medical facility is located on 8 floors and has a total area of more than 10,000 square meters. On each floor there is a separate ward for people with reduced mobility. Large and comfortable waiting and rest areas are designed for both patients and staff.

The hospital is equipped with modern equipment. In particular, an expert class Pentax endoscopic stand was installed in the endoscopy department, and the phlebology department is equipped with a cryolaser and cryosclerotherapy (CLaCS). In addition to MRI, CT, X-ray, and mammography, an osteodensitometer was installed in the radiology department. There are only a few such devices in Kyiv - with its help, you can accurately determine bone density.

Multidisciplinary hospital "Dobrobut" already receives about 400 visitors every day, and soon about 600-700 visits per day are expected.

The "Dobrobut" network combines medical centers and hospitals for adults and children, an emergency service, an adult hospital with a neurology center, a cardiology center, a clinical oncology center, an expert medical center, a vertebrology center, dentistry, etc.

The offshore company Satumco Limited is a shareholder in many companies of the "Dobrobut" network (LLC MC "Dobrobut-urgent care", MC "Dobrobut-polyclinic", MC "Dobrobut-hospital", "Children's MC "Dobrobut", MC "Dobrobut-childhood"), which owns 99% of the companies, and its beneficiaries are the head of the investment company Concorde Capital Ihor Mazepa and Oleg Kalashnikov.

"Dobrobut" medical clinics are represented in Kyiv and the Kyiv region.

According to Ihor Mazepa info, attendance at clinics in 2022 has significantly decreased.

"Our main target audience - young women of childbearing age with children - went abroad or to the western regions of Ukraine. And the big question is how many of them will return to the country," Ihor Mazepa notes.

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