Ukrainian AI startup Swarmer has secured funding from the D3 Venture Capital Firm and accelerator

Ukrainian AI startup Swarmer has secured funding from the D3 Venture Capital Firm and accelerator

The investment amount is not disclosed. It is known, however, that the standard D3 check within the accelerator is $125,000.

Ukrainian AI startup Swarmer, which has a goal of simplifying drone operations for people with AI, has secures funding from the D3 VC fund and accelerator.


Swarmer was founded by Serhii Kuprienko and Alex Fink in May 2023. The startup specializes in software for managing drone swarm missions (when there are two or more UAVs in the sky, but they all have the same goal).

Swarmer’s flagship product — AI Copilot — showcases a performance boost with a swarm of drones enhancing the capabilities of just a single operator in the field.

Its AI Mission Control Center allow operators to tackle more challenging or dispersed areas while managing just one drone — the rest of the swarm is operated semi-autonomously. The key ingredient is the proprietary AI, trained on over 1,000 missions, refined in a simulated environment, and validated in the real world.

The product can also be useful in various industries, including agriculture, construction, security, etc.

“This software can optimize various drone-operated missions using the precision of AI. It includes planning optimal routes, supporting autonomous mode in the GPS-denied or communication-jammed environment, and executing a mission in a swarm mode,” the startup explains.

Swarmer is planning to use the funds from D3 to accelerate the development and deployment of the AI Flight Control Center across various industries. The goal is to minimize the reliance on operators for routine tasks, allowing them to focus on validating and overseeing AI functions during multi-drone missions on a broader scale.

The startup does not disclose the exact amount of the valuation. But, as Swarmer CEO Serhii Kuprienko told AIN.Capital, it currently amounts to $10 million.

“In general, we launched it with our own funds and revenue from the first commercial contract. We are taking investments to speed up development and reduce time-to-market,” explained Kuprienko. The team also does not disclose income.

Part of the Swarmer team is located in Ukraine, part — in the USA (Swarmer is registered in the state of Delaware), Romania, and Poland.

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