Ukrainian InSoft.Partners acquires a stake in the niche company Noltic

Ukrainian InSoft.Partners acquires a stake in the niche company Noltic

The software development holding company InSoft.Partners has acquired a stake in the niche company Noltic, which focuses on salesforce

The parties have not disclosed the size and details of the deal. However, it is known that it was not a controlling stake.

Noltic was founded in December 2017. It is a consulting and development agency that offers a range of salesforce services. Noltic’s clients are mainly located in Europe and the United States. The company has offices in Lviv, Poltava, and Warsaw. According to the company’s website, the team consists of 70 specialists.

“We have been known with Igor and Vlad (Noltic’s founders) for about seven years, since our days at CoreValue. The guys have built a very successful niche company. And since then, we have invested a lot in building our own ecosystem, accumulating knowledge and skills in lead generation, and transforming the service business. Now, I hope, we will be able to combine all the experience we have gained to get 1+1>2. Moreover, we can already see positive results of the ecosystem approach in other companies,” says Vitalii Gorovoyi, founder of InSoft.Partners.

“We were looking for options for establishing a sales process. We have our own best practices, but we were planning to systematize this process in the course of growth. Our colleagues recommended Vitalii, who, among other things, had built lead generation at other companies. After several meetings, we realized that we had a common vision, and Vitalii would strengthen our team where we needed it most,” adds Noltic CEO and founder Igor Petrovych.

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