Ukrainian investors earned $850 million from investments in crypto assets in 2023

Ukrainian investors earned $850 million from investments in crypto assets in 2023

Investments profit of crypto assets of Ukrainian investors reached $850 million in 2023, according to a study by the analytical company Chainalysis

“The crypto sector has a great investment potential and its legalization in Ukraine will contribute to the rise of our economy and the influx of capital, which is extremely necessary in war conditions,” Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Oleksandr Borniakov commented on the published results.

According to the study, Ukraine ranked 12th in the global ranking of countries in terms of income received from investments in crypto assets, surpassing Brazil, Japan and Canada in this indicator.

“We are actively working to create a favorable regulatory landscape for companies and investors in this market,” Borniakov noted, recalling bill on virtual assets No. 10225-1 registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

It provides for a gradual increase in the base rate: 5% for the first three years, 9% for the next five and from 18% thereafter. At the same time, with Diia.City the investor will be able to choose between an 18% tax on financial results and a 9% tax on withdrawn capital.

At the same time, the head of the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Danylo Hetmantsev, considers it unlikely that preferential taxation for crypto assets will be approved. According to him, it is much more likely that a model similar to taxation of income from securities will be approved.

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