Agroprosperis to invest USD 8mln in grain transportation

Agroprosperis to invest USD 8mln in grain transportation

Domestic offshoot of the US NCH Capital will buy 200 railroad cars for transportation needs of Ukrainian grains

The group of companies (GC) Agroprosperis will invest USD 8mln by purchasing railroad cars after facing shortages of the freight cars for the grains transportation from the railroads service provider Ukrzaliznytsia, told Igor Osmachko, the CEO. The company estimated the current need within a company at 200 freight cars to secure future deliveries.

Agroprosperis annually make investments into logistics and the production process. In particular, the company buy agricultural machinery, tows, railroad cars, trucks and other autos along with injections into modernization and infrastructure.  

Agroprosperis is fueled by funds under control of the US NCH Capital, where the final beneficiaries are George Rohr and Tabasinik Maurice.

GC Agropropseris operates the second largest land bank in Ukraine after Ukrlandfarming associated with domestic tycoon Oleg Bakhmatyuk. The land plots of Agroprosperis amount to 430 000ha, and the total storage capacity for cereals stands at 800 000tons for the company needs.

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