An industrial park of 68.6 hectares for 3 thousand jobs will be created in Chernihiv region

An industrial park of 68.6 hectares for 3 thousand jobs will be created in Chernihiv region

Several foreign investors from China have already expressed interest in the development of 68.6 ha of industrial territory

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine included another site - "Minsky" - in the register of industrial (industrial) parks on January 24, 2023. The industrial park will be located near the city of Mena, Chernihiv region. The initiator of its creation is the local city council.

The new industrial park is located outside the city of Mena, Chernihiv Region, on the territory of the Mena City Council.

According to the concept of the "Mensky" industrial park, industrial and logistics facilities will be built on a plot of land with an area of 68.6 hectares, which will allow the creation of up to 3,000 jobs.

На Чернігівщині створять індустріальний парк площею 68,6 га на 3 тис. робочих місць

The first idea to create an industrial zone in Menshchya appeared back in 2014, when the preparatory work on the General Plan of the city began.

The Secretary of the Minsk City Council Yuriy Stalnychenko noted that the emphasis is on the processing industry, because the full-scale invasion showed that the processing of agricultural products is of great importance for the agrarian region. Among other directions: processing of wood and wood products, scientific and technical activities, etc.

"The concept of the industrial park was developed even before the Russian military invasion in February 2022, and was approved and submitted already during the war. Therefore, some advantages that were advantages in peacetime are not so now. For example, if previously one of the advantages was proximity to the border , so for now we have drawn up the benefits-risks in a slightly different way. Also, in connection with the changes in the legislation, we had to take into account a certain percentage of losses," Yuriy Stalnychenko noted.

The search for investors will begin in early 2023, but two Chinese companies are already interested in this project

"Now, when the concept is ready, there is an opportunity to start the procedure for selecting a management company, which will then look for the final investor, or we will look for an investor ourselves. Although the war is still in an active phase, this process can already be started," he added.

In addition to investors' funds, it is planned to attract state funds, including under a state program that helps build infrastructure facilities for industrial parks.

According to estimates, approximately UAH 4.81 billion will be collected during the period of operation of the industrial park in the period from 2023 to 2030. taxes to the budgets of all levels. In general, the period for which the creation of the industrial park is foreseen is 30 years.

"The development of industrial parks is very important, because they should become points of economic growth and post-war reconstruction of the country. This will contribute to the recovery of industry, in particular export-oriented, with a high share of added value. And it will also be an impetus for the development of local communities, which will receive new revenues to the budget, new small and medium-sized enterprises will be created, and at the same time, new jobs will appear in the regions", - said First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yuliya Svyridenko

"Industrial park "Minsk" is a project that can significantly affect the economy not only of our community, but also of the region and our state. The implementation of the idea of an industrial park involves not one, but several projects, combined with one goal - to modernize the industrial and processing potential, and in a way that is as safe as possible for the environment and convenient for residents. That is, this project will contribute to the implementation of all principles of sustainable development, and will be able to solve important issues of today. For example, investing in the processing of agricultural products will be able to solve the important issue of food security," began the mayor of the city, Gennady Primakov.

На Чернігівщині створять індустріальний парк площею 68,6 га на 3 тис. робочих місць

According to the concept of the industrial park, it should include the following objects

1. Industrial zone

  • 4 enterprises of the food industry of the V-th class of harmfulness;
  • 4 enterprises for the processing of agricultural products;
  • greenhouse economy;
  • woodworking enterprise of the 4th class of harmfulness;

2. Zone of administrative buildings, research and exhibition activities

  • exhibition and trade center;
  • administrative and scientific complex;

3. Zone of transport and logistics, warehousing

  • gas station complex;
  • composition of food products;
  • industrial goods logistics center;

4. Leisure and recreation area

  • shopping complex;
  • recreation and catering area;
  • Car parking area;
  • 2 parking lots for 170 cars

5. Zone of engineering infrastructure and service facilities of the industrial park

  • water intake well;
  • fire station;
  • local surface water treatment facilities.

To connect consumers of the industrial park, they plan to build a substation (35/10 kV with a capacity of 8.3 MW/year). The estimated cost of designing and building electrical networks is $400-$500 thousand.

In addition to the connection of engineering networks, costs are planned for the development of the territory and road and transport infrastructure, which will include: leveling and clearing the land plot, construction of access roads to the boundaries of the industrial park - 0.6 km with a width of 8 m; construction of an access railway line to the railway station with a length of 0.4 km; construction of internal roads, footpaths and parking spaces.

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