An Israeli IT specialist from Ukraine bought the building of Prominvestbank in center of Kyiv

An Israeli IT specialist from Ukraine bought the building of Prominvestbank in center of Kyiv

The Deposit Guarantee Fund sold the property of Prominvestbank for almost $2 million to an unknown company

Prominvestbank's non-residential premises of almost a thousand square meters, located a minute's walk from Maidan Nezalezhnosti, were bought at an auction by the company of an Israeli entrepreneur born in Ukraine.

The starting price for the specified non-residential premises was UAH 53.7 million, but during the auction it increased to UAH 63 million. The winner was a company called "Nadlan", established 4 years ago.

According to YouControl, the beneficiary of the Nadlan company is Verbitsky Boris Ilyich.

Most likely, we are talking about an Israeli who was born in Dnepropetrovsk in 1979, and in the early 90s he left with his parents for Israel. In the 2000s, Verbitsky was a system administrator in a supermarket, served in the Israeli army, and later worked in technical support for CR-Tech Israel. He wrote about this himself in his biography. Judging by his Linkedin profile, Verbitsky's current place of work is the IT company Aegis Alpha SA.

Interestingly, when asked by to comment on the deal, Boris Verbitsky replied that he "did not buy anything" and was not interested in publicity. Having specified what specific issue he was talking about, he still recommended to contact the director of the Nadlan company. Director of the firm Andrei Katerinchuk, in turn, refused to talk about plans for the use of the building, citing the incompleteness of the transaction.

As for the funds with which the company is going to buy real estate, the director replied that these would be the funds of the parent company. We are talking about the company Zakura ltd, registered in the UK. It is through her that Verbitsky owns the Nadlan company.

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