EBRD introduces new rolling stock to Kharkiv

EBRD introduces new rolling stock to Kharkiv

Modern trolleybuses will provide advanced transport solutions for Ukraine’s second largest city
  • EBRD providing a 12-year loan of €8 million for acquisition of rolling stock for Kharkiv
  • Up to 57new trolleybuses and equipment for CO2 emission cuts by 2,250 tonnes
  • Project to be co-financed with €2 million by Clean Technology Fund

The city of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest municipality with a population of one and a half million, will introduce new ecologically-friendly trolleybuses thanks to an investment project financed by the EBRD.

A 12-year senior EBRD loan of €8 million and a parallel loan of €2 million from the Clean Technology Fund will help acquire up to 57 new trolleybuses and necessary maintenance equipment. Kharkiv’s 260-kilometre long trolleybus network has 23 routes and is used by more than 140 million passengers every year.

The new rolling stock will be procured for the communal transport enterprise “Troleybusne Depo №2”, one of the two local municipal transport companies. It is expected that new trolleybuses will reduce electricity consumption by around 20 per cent and CO2 emissions by 2,250 tonnes annually.

The implementation of the project and financial due diligence are supported by the Municipal Project Support Facility funded by the EU.

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