Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine sold the rights of claim on a loan of JSC "Elektromashina" in Kharkiv for UAH 6.13 million

Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine sold the rights of claim on a loan of JSC "Elektromashina" in Kharkiv for UAH 6.13 million

The Deposit Guarantee Fund held an auction for the sale of rights of claim under Megabank's loan agreements. The pledge of the loan is the property of a large plant of Electromashina JSC in ...

The sale price of the rights of claim under Megabank's loan agreements at the auction amounted to UAH 6.13 million. at a starting price of UAH 55.71 million.

According to experts, the pre-war estimated value of the enterprise was about $8-9 million.

The new owner received as a pledge the premises of the enterprise, with a total area of 59.7 thousand sq.m. along Ozeryanskaya street 106 in Kharkiv. Also, 20 million shares of the enterprise JSC Electromashina were added to them.

The value of this asset is also seen in the land plot located in the central part of Kharkiv and is 11.3 hectares.

The sole participant and winner of the auction was FINANCIAL COMPANY TRUST FINANCE LLC. According to Youcontrol, the company was founded 7 years ago in Kiev. The owner is a resident of Kiev, Bolshoy Sergey Stanislavovich.

On September 16, 2010, Elektromashina JSC received a loan from Megabank in the amount of $4.77 million. Further, in 2015, the owners of Elektromashina JSC extended the credit line until June 2022, when control of the Deposit Guarantee Fund was established over the bank. Currently, the balance of Electromashina's debt is UAH 48.45 million. The number of days of delay in payment of the debt amounted to 275 days.

The company is currently in bankruptcy. On July 18, 2023, this process was started by the Kharkiv Economic Court. In addition to Megabank, debts to other enterprises reach millions of hryvnias.

JSC "Elektromashina" is an open joint stock company established in 1996 on the basis of an enterprise founded in 1868. It was one of the leading machine-building enterprises in Ukraine with a long history, specializing in the production of electric motors for various industries, namely the production of DC electric machines, crane-metallurgical electric motors, electric motors for railway transport, for mine, traction, contact and contact mine equipment; since 2016 - the production of AC electric motors has been mastered.

Production has a closed cycle from raw materials to the final product. In addition to the main production, the structure has its own tool shop, power supply service, transport shop, and repair services. Before the war, the workforce of the enterprise was about 450 people.

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