Eldorado's creditors agreed to restructure the debt of more than UAH 1 billion

Creditors of Diesa LLC (chain of household appliances and electronics stores Eldorado.ua) approved 67% of the claims under the reorganization plan

According to Ario Law Firm senior partner Yulian Khorunzhiy, who is advising Eldorado, the company must now approve the debt restructuring plan in the Kyiv Economic Court and send it to all involved creditors.

The Economic Court of Kyiv is currently considering an application to open bankruptcy proceedings for Diesa LLC from two companies - Delonghi Ukraine and Windeir. The preparatory meeting is scheduled for October 3.

Carrying out pre-trial reorganization may allow the company to pay off the debt and save the business.

Yulian Khorunzhiy noted that if the restructuring meets the requirements, the court schedules a hearing for consideration, at which, in particular, it hears all creditors.

If the creditors agree, the court will approve the reorganization plan and the debtor will begin to implement it.

If the restructuring plan is abandoned, the court will open bankruptcy proceedings with a likely subsequent transition to liquidation proceedings.

According to Khorunzhiy, the stage of consideration of creditors' claims, taking into account the workload of Kyiv courts, can last two to three years.

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