Food industry investments of Ukraine in bloom

Food industry investments of Ukraine in bloom

Ukrainian producers have significantly increased the range of products represented at the biggest international exhibition SIAL in France, which took place on October, 16-20.

Once again, the largest international food exhibition SIAL 2016 took place in Paris. At the event there were various categories of food duly represented by producers and traders from different parts of the world. Now we can claim with confidence that organic, gluten-free and totally biological, and also innovative and completely new category of high quality food products are major trends in the global food production.

Steaks et boulettes de légumineuses were awarded a gold medal this year for their organic meat substitutes of pulse based products. The winning French producer ICI & LA Le Boucher Vert sampled the steak and ball forms made of chickpeas, green peas or lentils, sort of vegan protein sources. The silver prize was given to Les moulins à champignons, a line of porcini, morels or mixed forest mushrooms that are dried and sold as a condiment like salt or pepper for dishes. French company Sabarot made the products debut back in March. Meantime, two products got the bronze award. Peru’s Sociedad Agricola Viru was recognized for its Chef Quinoa line of quinoa and fruits in single-serve jars with a spoon in the lid. The varieties included blueberries, coconut, mango, papaya, passion fruits and pineapple. The second bronze award went to Puigrenier, a French company that offers what it calls a new concept in steaks. La Cave a Viande, translated as The Meat Cellar, is a line of refrigerated, individually vacuum-sealed packaged premium cuts of beef that have been aged for a minimum of 21 days in a cold chamber. The products are sold in wooden boxes with cooking instructions.

Investments in food industry of Ukraine in bloom

This year, the Ukrainian producers have significantly increased the range of products represented at this major event of the food industry in the world. This time, more than 50 companies from Ukraine were present at the event, according to estimates of representatives of PEOL Group. Overall, the exhibition featured more than 7,000 representatives of food companies and more than 160 000 of professional visitors and potential buyers from 105 countries of the world.

Ukraine has been represented in the various product categories, ranging from commodities to finished food products. At this time, the share of manufactured goods was significantly greater in comparison with the previous events of this kind and has reached more than 70% of the total weight of the submitted products.

The 21 Ukrainian food companies and more than 100 products have been integrated in the national booth, which was organized by the Kiev Chamber of Commerce. The guests of the exhibition noted high-quality design of the exhibited goods from Ukraine featured by distinguished photos of beautiful Carpathian Mountains and fields of Ukraine.

Investments in food industry of Ukraine in bloom

Among the Ukrainian companies at the fair, it is worth to mention the following:

  • ABK Confectioney Company (confectionary and bakery)
  • Agrofirma Pole (organic and conventional groats, cereals in assortment)
  • Agrofusion - Inagro TM (tomato paste)
  • Agro-Sense (walnuts)
  • Atlas (honey, frozen berries, organic walnuts)
  • AVIS Ukraine (eggs)
  • Chernomorsky Flour Mills (wheat flour, pasta)
  • Dairy Company Ukraine (condensed milk, UHT-milk, dry milk, butter, fermented milk products)
  • Dairy Company Voloshkove Pole (butter, cheeses, condensed milk)
  • Dobrodiya Foods / Agricom Group (oatmeal, multi-grain hot cereals)
  • Econia (baby food, drinking water)
  • Enlil (wheat flour, grocery)
  • Eurocommerce (frozen pork, beef, poultry meat)
  • Fruktovyi Svit Ukraine (purity, mustard seed, flax, beans, pulses)
  • Gala foods (rice, sarrasin)
  • GFK Company (fresh butter, sunflower oil, grain, seeds and beans, walnuts, dried and dehydrated fruits)
  • Herbalmed Organic (organic chocolate, herbal extracts, herbs and berries)
  • Ichnya Condensed Milk Company (sweetened condensed milk)
  • Kernel (sunflower oil)
  • Leader Group International (walnuts)
  • Mallati (sunflower seed kernels, walnut, Pumpkin seeds, mustard, flax, peas)
  • MHP (chicken, cooked chicken products, goose products)
  • New Products Group (beverages and snacks)
  • Lutsk Foods (tomato sauces and paste, ketchup)
  • Olivia TM (sunflower oil, acetic acid, mayonnaise sauce)
  • PPTE JNL (yellow peas polished (whole, split), defatted corn grain, corn flour, millet polished, unground buckwheat, grain pearl-barley, and wheat groats)
  • Prodexport (frozen poultry, chicken eggs, egg powder, dairy products, walnuts)
  • Svoya Indychka (fresh & frozen turkey meat)
  • TB Fruit (concentrated juice, puree, NFC (conventional and organic), aroma)
  • Tea Club (tea)
  • Terra Food (milk products, butter and spreads, hard and soft cheese)
  • Ugrain (grain)
  • Vitmark-Ukraine (non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, baby food)
  • Wallnut Land (walnuts)
  • Zernoexport (oilseeds, pulses, grains, spices, poultry products, sugar, flour)

Investments in food industry of Ukraine in bloom

In its turn, PEOL Group presented the following agricultural companies and food producers at the SIAL fair:

  • Ukrproduct (butter and spreads, skimmed milk powder, processed cheeses and cheese products)
  • Vinagro (vinegar, organic sunflower oil and niche oils)
  • Taya (pasta)
  • ViOil (sunflower oil)
  • Kula (fruit juices, tomato sauces)
  • Galfrost (frozen berries, fruits and vegetables, including organic and Halal)
  • Poultry complex Dneprovskiy (chicken, including Halal)
  • Skvyrskiy grain processing factory (buckwheat flour, fast cooking buckwheat groats, buckwheat crushed cereal, buckwheat flakes, oat flakes, instant cooking oat flakes, corn groats, oat groats)
  • Art Product (walnuts)
  • Uksilgospinvest (pumpkin oil, including Halal)
  • Hhlibio (organic biscuits)
  • Meganom-AP (honey)
  • EthnoProduct (organic spelt, oat, vetch, lupine, meat products)
  • Svitbio (organic eggs)
  • Stariy Porick (organic cheese, oil organic butter, organic buckwheat)
  • Oil Traditions (pumpkin oil, canola oil, linseed oil, milk thistle oil, walnut oil, false flax oil, soybean oil, mustard oil, banished oil, peanut oil)
  • Elitphito (wide range of niche oils, mustard powder, black cumin meal, cedar flour, amaranth flour, flour and meal of the walnut, Milk thistle flour and meal, pumpkin flour and meal, sesame flour and meal, flax flour and meal)
  • Landgrain (corn grits, corn flour)
  • Terra (instant oatmeal groats and instant flakes)
  • Divall (breadcrumbs and breadcrumb mixtures)
  • Shevchenko foodstuff factory (cereal flakes, grits, flour)
  • Healthy Tradition (confectionary)

Notably, PEOL Group has been receiving instant feedbacks on cooperation and partnerships soon after delivering of presentations. In total, PEOL Group representatives met with more than 4 000 foreign companies - participants of SIAL - and 300 of them confirmed their interests in deliveries of products from Ukraine.

Investments in food industry of Ukraine in bloom

The vast majority of visitors of SIAL were aware in details on the categories of products of Ukrainian supply. They especially emphasized the export potential of our country, both on the commodity markets and in some segments of the processed products.

Upon a five-day involvement and talks with the participants, PEOL Group presents analysis of the effective demand for Ukrainian products in the context of the countrys most active buyers of Ukrainian produce:

  • China: maize, crude sunflower-seed oil, barley, crude soya-bean oil, and wheat flour
  • Egypt: maize, crude sunflower-seed oil, and soya beans
  • Spain: maize, wheat, barley, and sorghum
  • India: crude sunflower-seed oil and urea
  • Iran: soya beans, crude sunflower-seed oil, maize, walnuts, and barley
  • Iraq: eggs, frozen poultry, and walnuts
  • Italy: maize, crude sunflower-seed oil, wheat, urea, oilcake, soya bean, grain split, and sorghum
  • Israel: maize, wheat, oilcake, soya beans, barley, and wheat flour
  • Turkey: soya beans, urea, crude sunflower-seed oil, oilcake, bran and sharps, and wheat
  • Germany: maize, natural honey, and mustard seeds
  • France: oilcake, crude sunflower-seed oil, and walnuts
  • Poland: oilcake, apple juice, vegetable products, crude soya-bean oil, maize, soya beans, casein natural honey, and frozen fruits
  • Netherlands: maize, crude sunflower-seed oil, oilcake, poultry, and wheat
  • Korea: wheat and maize
  • Greece: soya beans and wheat
  • Portugal: maize
  • Philippines: wheat
  • Saudi Arabia: barley and crude sunflower-seed oil
  • Algeria: crude sunflower-seed oil, maize, barley, and wheat
  • Belgium: maize and crude sunflower-seed oil
  • Indonesia: wheat
  • Ireland: maize
  • Malaysia: crude sunflower-seed oil and wheat
  • Mexico: wheat and urea
  • Denmark: eggs
  • Japan: maize, barley, and wheat
  • Kazakhstan: malt extract, sugar confectionery, cheese, sweet biscuits, and alcohol drinks
  • The United Kingdom: crude sunflower-seed oil and oil cake. Tunisia: maize and wheat
  • South Africa: wheat
  • Thailand: wheat
  • Georgia: sunflower-seed oil
  • The United Arab Emirates: sunflower-seed oil, fresh eggs, and wheat
  • The USA: natural honey
  • Lithuania: maize, oilcake

The next most expected significant event, where Ukrainian companies can find new markets will be Gulfood exhibition, the largest in Asia and the Muslim world exhibition, to be held in February-March 2017 in Dubai, the UAE.

Investments in food industry of Ukraine in bloom

PEOL Group has already started to actively prepare for that significant event in the world of food and invites the Ukrainian producers for cooperation, especially those who are planning to expand the geography of their product presence in the world.

If you are interested in buying / import any products from Ukraine please contatcs us:
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PEOL GROUP – is your reliable partner in all export-import and other commercial operations between the EU, Asia and Ukraine and a professional financial advisor for assets search and supporting of investment deals in Europe, Asia and the CIS countries.

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