ICU will build the largest plant for processing waste in Ukraine

ICU will build the largest plant for processing waste in Ukraine

MS Social project and is part of the ICU group, is investing in Zhytomyr, Ukraine’s largest plant for the processing of unsorted municipal solid waste (MSW) by special technology

This was announced by the company, reports the online edition of the with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

“After the implementation of the project in Zhytomyr we are considering the possibility of building such plants in other cities of Ukraine”, – said managing partner of ICU Konstantin Stetsenko.

According to the report, the plant intends to invest from €7 to €10 million to the Contractor for the project was selected Croatian company TEP, which is a manufacturer of hardware and developer of MBO-T technology (mechanical, biological and thermal treatment and processing of municipal solid waste).

It is noted that Tech built and commissioned more than 50 similar plants in the EU.

ICU indicates that the design capacity of the plant is expected to process about 82 thousand tons TBO a year. The preliminary term of construction – 1 year from receipt of the necessary permits.
It is expected that the plant will operate in two shifts, and the number of staff is 150 people.

The depth of processing on this technology will reach 85-95%, and its result will be the obtaining of secondary raw materials, alternative RDF fuel for cement plants and compost from the organic fraction of MSW, the report says.

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