Industrial Milk Company to invest USD 20mln into expanding of lands

Industrial Milk Company to invest USD 20mln into expanding of lands

The agricultural holding intends to invest in land plots until the end of the year

Industrial Milk Company will invest USD 2omln in expanding its lands by the end of the current year, told the CEO of the company Alex Lissitsa.

The company carefully looks at the various options, as the market has been heated, according to Alex Lissitsa. The deals are pending and coming up soon, as very interesting assets have been found in the regions where the company is present.

At the same time, the agricultural holding does not want to buy the facilities at any cost, but only if there are really some worthy offers. At this, there are also many investors from different countries that want to acquire some large stakes in Industrial Milk Company (IMC), told the CEO of IMC. However, all such negotiations ended up for nothing because, as the company that is floating at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, IMC has been undervalued due to the high political risks.

Agricultural IMC is engaged in cultivation of grain and oilseeds crops and potatoes. The company is the leading milk producer in Ukraine. The storage facilities of IMC stand at 554 000tons of grain and oilseeds. As of present, the land bank IMC is about136 600 ha of land plots in the Poltava, Chernigov and Sumy regions of Ukraine.

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