Kulinichi to invest 20 million euros in the construction of a bakery in the Lviv region

Kulinichi to invest 20 million euros in the construction of a bakery in the Lviv region

During a full-scale war, the Kulinichi company is going to implement a large-scale investment project to build a bakery in the Lviv region

The Kulinichi company is going to invest 20 million euros in a new bakery in the Obroshynska village, Lviv region, as part of a business relocation. This plant will be partially built using the production facilities that the company relocated from the Kharkiv region, where the main production site of the company came under shelling.

500 internally displaced persons from Kharkiv, as well as 2,500 local residents, will be employed at the new enterprise. The launch of the plant is scheduled for April 2023. In addition to the plant, they plan to open bakeries, where they will immediately sell products. The company's managers plan to open about 200 bakery and bread outlets with round-the-clock service in different districts of the Lviv region.

According to the new requirements that have come into force in Ukraine, the plant will have a bomb shelter for workers.

The new complex in the Lviv region will have 8 production lines and a capacity of 150 tons per day. Additional equipment will be brought from Slovenia, Germany and Austria. But local Lviv companies have already been invited as construction contractors, which have already begun preparatory work.

The Kulinichi group of companies, which manufactures products under the Kulinichi trademark, includes 10 specialized complexes in Kharkov, Kyiv and Poltava regions.

The productivity of enterprises is 650 tons of bakery products per day. Vehicle fleet - more than 1000 specialized vehicles. The range of "Kulinichi" includes more than 400 items of products supplied to the country's largest retail chains. Products are presented in their own kiosks "Kulinichi", also under TM there is a confectionery network in 10 cities of Ukraine (in Kharkiv - 175 points).

For the period 2016-2020 2 flour-grinding complexes were built for production needs, which have their own certified laboratories to control the production of high-quality flour of different varieties. Frozen products are exported to the USA, Canada, Israel, China and other countries of the world. A new plant for the production of bakery products was put into operation. It successfully passed the audit and received certificates according to European standards for compliance with the FSSC 22000 certification scheme and the IFS standard.

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