Kyiv city to allocate UAH 100mln into citizens

Kyiv city to allocate UAH 100mln into citizens' projects in 2018

The total number of the prospect projects reached 821 amounting to UAH 1bn in 2017

Kyiv City administration plans to allocate UAH 100mln (USD 4mln) into city projects filed by the very metropolitans, according to the draft budget plan for 2018. At this, the city will finance the projects of the kind worth UAH 50mln this year. 
A special commission held discussions with experts and the public conjuring up the minimum amount needed over the next year, said head of the budget commission of Kyiv City Counsel mr. Andriy Strannikov. 
Recently, the project submission ended for the second communal budget of 2017. Out of 821 application proposals a number of 290 projects are considered as small ones amounting to UAH 99mln. The rest 531 add up to the tune of UAH 915mln, these are large ventures. 
The greatest number of projects relate to sports and educational facilities. Very little number of projects concern security and public policy. 
The Kyiv council secretary spotlighted portable laboratories for the city trade fairs. Those are capable to conduct food safety tests during food fairs which citizens like to visit and care for. Also, there are projects like solar panels for roofs upon bloc of flats, or projects like charging modules enabling to generate electricity in a field environment, said Kyiv City Council representative Igor Khatsevych. As a matter of fact, metropolitans can file their projects on equal terms with deputy representatives for considerations with regards to the communal budget of the capital city of Kyiv. 

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