Kyivstar Buys A Controlling Share Of The Medical Service Helsi

Kyivstar Buys A Controlling Share Of The Medical Service Helsi

“Kyivstar” acquired a controlling stake in Helsi, the largest medical information system in the country and a leading provider of digital services in the field of healthcare.

Kyivstar now owns 69.99% of Helsi.

The amount of the agreement is not reported by the parties. The current value of Helsi, given the public financial indicators of the company and multipliers for the medical industry, may be $10 million. In the pre-war period, taking into account the coverage, niche and customer base, the service could cost $30-40 million, writes Forbes.

Helsi promised to continue development and plan to double the size of the team.

“Kyivstar” aims to expand business and invest a significant amount within the framework of this partnership in the next three years, contributing to the creation of new jobs and facilitating access to socially important services for all Ukrainians,” – says the president of “Kyivstar” Oleksandr Komarov.

Helsi is the largest medical information system and a leading digital provider in the field of healthcare in Ukraine. The company has been on the market for 6 years and has more than 23 million patients. More than 4 million people already use the Helsi mobile application, and more than 49,000 doctors across Ukraine use the system.

The market of electronic medical services in Ukraine is gaining momentum, and a lot of news and changes are expected in the coming years. According to the official website “Kyivstar”, the immediate goals of cooperation include the popularization and enrichment of the functionality of electronic medical services, namely: issuing a treatment plan, maintaining a patient’s medical record, integration with pharmacy networks and laboratories.

For Kyivstar, this is an opportunity to gain a foothold in the eHealth market, as well as develop new services and make money from it. Mobile operators have been working for a long time to make money not only on “voice” and data transmission, but also on other services. Investing in Helsi is just about that. Previously, for example, there were rumors that Veon wanted to buy out the entire Megogo business for exactly the same reason. Medical services are one of the promising directions for development, not so long ago Glovo also announced the launch of services in this area, namely, the service of calling a doctor in its application for residents of Lviv and Kyiv.

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