NEQSOL Holding Ukraine continues to increase capital investments in the Ukraine

NEQSOL Holding Ukraine continues to increase capital investments in the Ukraine's economy

NEQSOL Holding Ukraine increased its current capital expenditures by approximately 80% in 2023. The total investments volume for 2022-2023 amounted to more than UAH 7 billion.

NEQSOL Holding is represented in two roles. The first position is a shareholder of one of the largest telecom operators in Ukraine and an important element of critical infrastructure - Vodafone Ukraine. In turn, despite difficult times, NEQSOL Holding continues to increase current capital investments in supporting, restoring and developing the network in Ukraine.

In 2023, capital investment increased significantly. “In 2023, we increased our ongoing capital expenditure by approximately 80%. The volume for 2022-2023 amounted to more than 7 billion UAH. Therefore, we can say that we are a reliable partner both for the state and for our clients,” emphasized Pavel Levchenko, senior investment advisor at NEQSOL Holding Ukraine.

NEQSOL Holding continues to look for potential assets for investment in Ukraine. “Regarding our other role, namely NEQSOL Holding Ukraine as a foreign strategic investor who continues to look for interesting potential assets to invest in Ukraine, our 2023 has been spent searching for a balance between supply and demand at price. Like any strategic investor, we are accustomed to the usual basic standard approaches and methodology for business valuation, but, as practice shows, the “by the book” methodology does not work.” Those discount rates that work in Ukraine give a price for which business owners are not ready to exit their assets,” Levchenko emphasized.

In this situation, the investor is forced to look for new creative approaches to business valuation. “Accordingly, here a foreign strategic investor must find new creative approaches to business valuation, be, above all, an optimist, believe in Ukraine, as we do. After all, the owner, the seller, must understand that the current price cannot be the pre-war price. We believe that in order to restore the market, the state could show its leadership by setting a good example and resuming large-scale privatization,” Levchenko emphasized, emphasizing that an investor is never limited to a one-time investment.

“An investor is a strategist. He will benefit not only by buying an asset and investing once, he will constantly make investments. This will be modernization, entry into new markets, constant investment in assets, which will lead to more jobs and increased tax revenues to the state. Next year, NEQSOL Holding hopes to take a step towards balancing supply and demand in price with both the state and private owners,” said the senior investment advisor at NEQSOL Holding Ukraine.

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