On Indiegogo was started a fund raising for the “smart” wallet, developed by two Ukrainian students

On Indiegogo was started a fund raising for the “smart” wallet, developed by two Ukrainian students

Two programmer-students from Nicholaev university launched a campaign on Indiegogo in support of their County project. County is a unique “smart” wallet with touch-interface, which calculates your expanses during the day. They haven`t got almost any money on the account yet, but the campaign has started just recently and students willing to raise about $200 000.

Co-authors of the project – Alexandr Goncharov and Denis Korneychuk study at The National University of Shipbuilding with the specialization in software engineering. Being students at the school, friends participated in C++ academic competitions and “Create a website by using HTML/CSS” contest, and after becoming the students of university they decided to develop something great. According to Alexander, the idea of “smart” wallet creation appeared when they noticed, that they have their money spent in a counter-productive way, and they don`t even have the control over the process.

County wallet has a touchscreen, microUSB and accumulators. It can be connected with the smartphone over Bluetooth. Built-in scanner allows indicating the nominal of notes, which are placed in or taken from the wallet. If you use the bank card for the purchase, these expenses will also be calculated. Apart from that, County has a system of the lost wallet with GPS, ultra-violet notes detector, PayPal system for money transactions, cloud synchronization technologies and protection from RFID-skimming.

Joint diagrams, which show the aggregative data over the cash and noncash expanses, allow monitoring the transactions, made by the user during the day.

Selection of Indiegogo over Kickstarter was made because the last one requires an account in American bank. Alexander Goncharov noticed that it is difficult for Ukrainians to enter the American platform. They are obliged to use the services of intermediate parties, which require payments equal to $700 + percent of revenue.

Currently the team has prepared all the needed equipment for the start of development and electronics section`s designing, also the 3D-model has already been designed, and it is going to be used for drawings for the start of production. Production of the prototype requires funding, but students unfortunately don`t have any yet.

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