SD Capital to make investment in food security projects and other

SD Capital to make investment in food security projects and other

The company of owners of marine TIS terminals will invest in projects not connected to their major logistics business

SD Capital was registered by Andrey Stavnitser and Filip Grushko aiming at making investment in the projects other than logistics. The founders are famous for their marine TIS terminals operating in Yuzhiy port at the Black Sea.

SD Capital has 15 projects upon consideration and will choose 3 or 4 for the investment. These could be automotive, agri, or natural resources. But 70% of the projects under consideration relate to food security and food processing in general. In particular, these are meat production, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, berries and honey business. Once thanks to the export restrictions on oilseeds long ago, Ukraine has managed to establish many oil-extracting facilities over the country, told Andrey Stavnitser.

SD Capital will act as equity investor for the development of domestic production facilities too. The company will use its own funds or take funds from the founders of their logistics businesses, if needed.

As of present, SD Capital has 15 workers. The company was established in 2016 in order to add value to Ukrainian economy networking with foreign and local businesses.

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