SID Venture Partners invested in and

SID Venture Partners invested in and

SID Venture Partners announced investments in two new startups with Ukrainian founders: the pharmaceutical service and the data platform

The fund does not disclose the amounts of investments, valuations of the companies, and other participants of the round.
Investment details is a platform for searching, comparing prices, and quick or scheduled delivery of drugs, which operates in Ukraine and European countries (Romania and Poland). The company was founded in 2017 by Anton Avrinski together with his colleagues. Since then, has received investments from leading venture capital funds in Ukraine - Horizon Capital, Flyer One Ventures, TA Ventures, as well as several business angels for a total amount of nearly $6 million.

SID Venture Partners invested in the company considering an experienced team and with confidence in its future expansion into global markets. is changing the pharmaceutical market, which is worth up to $20 billion in Ukraine, Poland, Ukraine and Romania alone, and up to $300 billion per year in Europe as a whole.

"I am happy to cooperate with the Fund and thank SID for its support of Ukrainian business and investments in its development and expansion in European markets," comments Anton Avrinski, 38, CEO and head of

During the past few months, the company also launched several volunteer initiatives. Among them: a recently launched platform offering pharma products at a 50% discount for Ukrainians and a logistics center set up to receive and sort drugs donated for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians by partners from the EU and the United States. Over 40,000 people have already received such aid.

" is a project that has already proved its ability to develop in Ukraine and has reached a leading position in the local market. Amid recent events, now they have even more motivation to achieve success in Europe. We believe in their prospects as well as in technological and marketing expertise", commented Dmitry Vartanyan, General Managing Partner at SID Venture Partners. is an AI-driven no-code data integration platform that reduces time and cost for data projects. Using the product saves business up to 80% of time spent on data-related processes — far more efficient than doing it manually. Startup clients: large and medium-sized businesses, service companies, consulting agencies, BPO projects. The startup, which was founded in February 2021, has two executives: Dmytro Zhuk, 46 (co-founder and ex-CTO of Sigma Software), and Leonid Nekhimchuk, 44 (ex-CTO of VisiQuate Inc.). The two have over 20 years of experience in building SaaS projects and data engineering.

SID Venture Partners invested in considering the experienced team and the growth of the market for no-code platforms, which reached $12.5 billion in 2020 and may grow to $190 billion in 2030. also revolutionizes the data management market, which is worth $85 billion per year.

"The idea and concept of has long been shaped by Sigma Software. We're glad to find the people who share our vision of its further development and support the team in improving data processing for businesses from all over the world," commented Dmitry Vartanyan, Managing General Partner at SID Venture Partners, on the agreement.

The fund's further tasks include acquiring new investors (LPs) and looking for new portfolio companies.
About the fund

SID Venture Partners is a venture capital fund launched by the end of 2021. It is a €15 million fund that invests in early-stage technology startups.

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