SMRK and Viewster to invest $1 million in Finnish-Ukrainian AI startup Madberry

SMRK and Viewster to invest $1 million in Finnish-Ukrainian AI startup Madberry

Madberry - startup offering advanced advertising solutions for game companies, has raised $1 million from Ukrainian VC fund SMRK and Swedish company Viewster (a global video-on-demand service)

Madberry’s aims to “help mobile game advertisers in acquisition and retention of loyal and paying users on a performance basis.” Its approach combines in-game behaviour patterns knowledge with high-performance media buying technology.

“Our technology predicts the behavior of specific gamers in specific games,” said Madberry founder Dmitry Sverdlik.

“We are able to determine precisely the probability that a gamer will be interested in a game advertisement, click on it and download it. We can also predict how long he will spend inside the game, whether he will pay, and how much, whether he will share the game with friends, when he will uninstall it, etc. In fact, we know what a gamer wants even better than he does!”

This prediction magic is used during the live advertising campaign to ensure that advertisement banners or videos are only shown to most responsive audience.

verdlik claims that this approach allows game companies to “acquire super suitable users and minimizes user acquisition budget at the same time.” As a result, general game monetization improves “by up to three times.”

In terms of traffic, Madberry uses programmatic ad exchanges as well as social networks, ad networks, and other channels.

The money raised by Madberry will be spent on R&D, with technology enhancements aiming to deliver highly targeted advertising campaigns on SmartTV. Madberry also intends to incrase its presence on the US market, where it already has partners and clients.

The company has its sales and business development office in Helsinki and an R&D center in Kyiv (Kiev). “I believe this is a very balanced and cost-effective scheme for a tech business,” told Sverdlik told.

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