The court arrested the property of a Russian owner of major granite miner Ukraine - Unigran LLC, for UAH 1 billion

The court arrested the property of a Russian owner of major granite miner Ukraine - Unigran LLC, for UAH 1 billion

Citizen of the Russian Federation Igor Naumets is suspected of illegal mining and financing of terrorism

According to the investigation, a citizen of the Russian Federation organized illegal activities related to the extraction of minerals in Ukraine. He is suspected of tax and land payment evasion and the withdrawal of funds for the financing of terrorism.

According to Forbes, this citizen is the owner of Unigran LLC and Stroyindustriya-Service LTD, Igor Naumets.

The court seized the personal property of the Russian businessman, the property of commercial structures controlled by him, bank accounts and illegally mined minerals worth more than UAH 1 billion.

A citizen of the Russian Federation illegally obtained ownership of a number of specialized enterprises, and also received permits for the special use of subsoil on the territory of Ukraine, the investigation states.

The structures under his control produced commercial-scale mining of crushed stone and sand in the Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions, the Office of the Prosecutor General notes.

Funds from the sale of minerals through a group of offshore companies were withdrawn and used for personal illegal enrichment. The funds were transferred to the Russian Federation, as well as to the material support of the occupation administrations in Crimea and the pseudo-republics of the “DNR/LNR”, the Office of the Prosecutor General says.

OOO "Unigran" is registered in the village. Granitnoye, Malinsky district, Zhytomyr region. The company calls itself a "national manufacturer of building materials" and offers the delivery of crushed stone from the cities of Malyn, Penevichi, Korosten and the Vydubychi site in Kyiv. Also sells year-old washed sand, paving slabs, granite paving stones, etc.

Igor Naumets is also the beneficiary of the Stroyindustriya-Service LTD company, registered in the capital's industrial zone near the Vydubychi metro station.

According to the investigation, LLC Stroyindustriya-Service Ltd is mining sand with its subsequent alluvium on the right bank of the Desna River in the Brovarsky district. At the same time, there are no sites intended for such activities. We are talking about the actual free use of land contrary to its intended purpose. Stroyindustriya-Service LTD does not have any title documents for the use of the same 202 deposits. Therefore, there is no question of paying mandatory payments for the use of land plots under a quarry and sand storage sites.

By the end of 2021, Unigran LLC owned 24 real estate objects, nine land plots in the Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Kharkiv regions and more than 120 vehicles.

According to the information platform Opendatabot, the total value of the assets of Naumets enterprises in 2020 amounted to more than UAH 1.5 billion.

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