The newest defense enterprise for the production of UAVs to be built In Kyiv

The newest defense enterprise for the production of UAVs to be built In Kyiv

The newest defense enterprise - it is a utility company in Kyiv that will be engaged in the production of drones

This became known from the corresponding draft decision, which was registered in the Kyiv City Council. According to officials, in response to the growing need for unmanned aerial vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the context of the ongoing aggression by the Russian Federation, the deputies initiated a draft decision on the creation of a utility company for the production of UAVs.

According to the project, the utility company will be subordinated to the Department of Municipal Security of the KMDA.

The authorized capital is 400 million hryvnias.

It is noted that the creation of the KP for the production of drones not only meets the urgent need to strengthen the country's defense capabilities in the face of external aggression, but will also be a significant step towards the development of the high-tech sector of Kyiv's economy.

This initiative has the potential to attract investments to the city, create new jobs for qualified specialists and raise Kyiv's international reputation as a center of innovation and technological development.

In Ukraine, there are currently about 200 companies engaged in the development and production of UAVs, of which about 50 have permits to supply their products to the army.

The creation of a utility company in Kyiv aims to attract engineers and specialists with higher education in the field of aviation and UAVs, who already work in the city's executive authorities. In addition to increasing the number of jobs and increasing Ukraine's competitiveness in the UAV production market, the initiative also provides for a contribution to the city budget and support for the country's defense capabilities. An important advantage is the ability of Kyiv to become one of the leaders in the production of UAVs, meeting the needs of not only Ukraine, but also international partners.

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