UAVs production investments by monobank

UAVs production investments by monobank's co-founder Vladimir Yatsenko grew to $8 million

It is planned to double the production of UAVs and start production of an analogue of the DJI Mavic

Last summer, monobank co-founder Volodymyr Yatsenko launched the production of Ukrainian Dovbush T10 drones as an alternative and cheaper analogue.

The goal was to create a cheap UAV adapted to solve combat missions, including in overcoming enemy air defenses.

To date, the manufacturers of Dovbush T10 have managed to achieve the cost of the UAV in the amount of UAH 500,000. Vladimir Yatsenko believes that a drone cannot cost more than $15,000, otherwise it is speculation in the war.

As Vladimir Yatsenko told AIN.UA, the Dovbush is a medium-class UAV of an operational-tactical level with the ability to work as an artillery spotter at a distance of up to 35 km, in particular, using an inertial navigation system if there is no GPS signal, or a strike payload up to 12 kg of ammunition.

At the same time, almost all components for Dovbush are of our own production.

Vladimir Yatsenko did not disclose data on the scale of production, noting only that we are talking about industrial volumes. All these devices are being transferred free of charge to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but a request has already appeared for the purchase of these UAVs from the Ministry of Defense.

The creators of Dovbush are planning to double the production capacity, as well as to start production of an analogue of the DJI Mavic, but with the use of electronic warfare (electronic warfare) a secure control channel.

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