Ukrainian home goods manufacturer Biosfera will buy TM Alufix and a plant in Europe

Ukrainian home goods manufacturer Biosfera will buy TM Alufix and a plant in Europe

The Ukrainian company completes the acquisition of an Austrian brand, as well as one of the Alufix factories and four sales representatives in European countries

Andrey Zdesenko, co-owner of "Biosphere", told about this.

The Alufix company was founded in Austria in 1964. She specializes in the production of foil and garbage bags for households and HoReCa. In addition, Alufix produces related kitchen accessories, including aluminum containers and grill accessories.

Alufix plant with an area of 5 thousand sq. m, which is acquired by "Biosphere", located in Romania, in the city of Fegerash. The enterprise produces foil and food film.

To finance the transaction, Biosphere took out a loan from a European bank, but the name and amount of the loan are not disclosed.

Andrey Zdesenko noted that he had long been looking closely at enterprises abroad, in particular at Polish and Turkish facilities. The co-owner of the company believes that the purchase of the Alufix plant is a chance for the Ukrainian company to enter the international market as a full-fledged player, and not a producer of its own brands for supermarkets. Entering the foreign market is especially relevant now, when domestic sales have fallen significantly. For example, sales of diapers fell sharply due to the mass exodus of women with small children from Ukraine.

As for Alufix, the company is now in a difficult position. Alufix suffered from an unsuccessful business restructuring and the pandemic. As previously reported by a local publication, almost the entire hotel, gastronomy and restaurant business - a market segment that is especially important for Alufix - faced mass restrictions.

Zdesenko intends to return Alufix to its best form. The company intends to seriously invest in new production. In particular, to transport part of the equipment from Ukraine. The plans are to increase production at the plant by three times, to open lines for the production of garbage bags, wet napkins and kitchen sponges. The enterprise should resume work in December 2022.

"Biosphere", founded in 1997, produces kitchen and cleaning products, as well as hygiene products at three factories in Ukraine and one in Estonia. The most famous brands are Freken BOK, Smile, Selpak, Vortex, Bambik and others. The monthly production volume is 8.5 million garbage bags, 10 million wet wipes, 4 million sponges and 1.4 million cotton buds. The company's revenue in 2020 reached $250 million.

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