Ukrainian IT outsourcing company Innovecs has aquired game division Tatem Games

Ukrainian IT outsourcing company Innovecs has aquired game division Tatem Games

Innovecs - Ukrainian IT outsourcing company operating mainly in the USA announced the acquisition of the outsourcing division of Tatem Games, a major game publisher and developer in Ukraine

Innovecs has made a strategic decision to implement game programming in its business, within the objective for 2015. To this end, the company has acquired the outsourcing division of Tatem Games, leading company in Ukrainian mobile gaming industry.


"The Global games market is rapidly growing every day, so it became important to implement this direction in our business," says Alex Lutskiy, CEO and co-founder of Innovecs. "We researched Ukrainian companies and decided to choose Tatem Games. Igor Karev, CEO of Tatem Games, has over 18 years of experience in this field. In addition to outsourcing, his company also develops its own games, and therefore has more expertise in game development. The company's clients have the prospect of further expansion and cooperation, and the team, which currently works in the outsourcing division of Tatem Games, is quite professional and experienced. This union will allow Innovecs to expand its borders. We have created an individual gaming business unit, which will be led by Igor Karev."

During 6 years of efficient work Tatem Games has released 11 high-quality games, which are played by more than 33 million users. Among the clients of the outsourcing division are such well-known companies as Gameloft, Openwager, Gaia Online, Ezugi, HappyLatte, Odobo, BlueShallGames, SGN, UIG, Wargaming, Appzine.

"Outsourcing direction would be a good supplement to our product business, but as they have completely different development strategies, at one moment I realized that I need an experienced and strong partner for more prompt development of outsourcing. Innovecs company has everything to accelerate the growth rates of business, arrange the processes within the team, and in a short period, become a leader in the Ukrainian market," says Igor Karev, Head of Gaming BU.

Innovecs also expands its regional presence and opens an office in Nikolaev, where at the moment about 20 game development specialists are working.


Innovecs - an American business technology outsourcing company, headquartered in Ukraine.

We specialize in design and development of "turnkey" cutting-edge software solutions for customers around the world. We create innovative products and work on complex projects that require highly qualified experts and specific engineering solutions.

This competitive advantage helps to maintain a special "product" atmosphere in our outsourcing company. Especially this "Silicon Valley spirit" attracts experienced engineers, who can solve non-trivial tasks, and enables a continuous development of their technical and industry knowledge.

We are proud that our clients trust us to create entirely new and often revolutionary software products "from scratch". The success of all these projects is provided due to our "technological forces" - experienced architects, domain experts and talented engineers.

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