Yuri Boyko

Yuri Boyko's son, Anatoly, received AMCU approval to own an explosives manufacturer

Anatoly Boyko through a series of transactions became the owner of "Zarya" LLC

According to the “Nashi Groshi”, on June 17, the AMCU granted permission for a number of transactions, which allowed the son of one of the leaders of the “OPZH” party, Yuriy Boyko, to legalize himself as the owner of the assets of “Zarya” chemical plant.

In particular, the AMCU fined “Zarya” LLC Anton Chernetsov for UAH 170 000 for renting an integral property complex from Vladimir Zhogolev’s “Ukrainian Chemical and Energy Company” LLC without permission for that.

In turn, “Chemical Innovative Technologies” LLC, which belongs to Boyko's son Anatoly, was granted permission to acquire a number of assets from the “Ukrainian Chemical Energy Company” LLC, and it was also allowed to lease these assets to “Zarya” LLC.

In addition, they were fined UAH 170 000 and granted permission to "Ukrainian Chemical and Energy Company" LLC and “Zarya” LLC for the creation of "Zarya Mediapro" LLC.

Besides, the AMCU fined “Ukrvzryvstroy” LLC for UAH 170 000 for concentration without permission and granted permission to change current managers in “Ukrvzryvstroy” LLC and other business entities.

The beneficiary of the buyer of the assets of “Chemical Innovative Technologies” LLC is the son of the MP Anatoly Boyko. This company was created only at the end of last year with an authorized capital of UAH 1 million.

The seller of the assets is Vladimir Zhogolev's “Ukrainian Chemical and Energy Company” LLC.

The assets that will belong to Boyko's son will be leased to “Zarya” firm. “Zarya” LLC is controlled by Anton Chernetsov through a Cypriot offshore company, his father Alexander Chernetsov was the chief engineer of the Rubezhansk state-owned plant “Zarya”, which was previously headed by Yuri Boyko.

“Zarya” LLC is a backbone industrial enterprise in the city of Rubezhnoe, Luhansk region, which, in particular, processes crude benzene, nitration of benzene to obtain nitrobenzene, concentration of sulfuric acid, production of industrial explosives, production of plant protection chemicals, urea-formaldehyde and phenol-formaldehyde resins and polymer products.

There is no a similar plant in Ukraine that could create the same range of products within the framework of one production (the production facilities of the plant are located on an area of 155 hectares and they have an appropriate transport infrastructure - road and railways).

At the same time, the enterprises of the defense complex buy only explosives from the private "Zarya" as it is the only manufacturer.

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