German businessman and manager of the Tarantino Family invests in Zhitny Market

German businessman and manager of the Tarantino Family invests in Zhitny Market

The founder of German Kraft breweries and restaurants, Florian Bohlen, expressed a desire to renovate one f the oldest functioning market in Kyiv - Zhytniy Market

Yevgeny Shevchenko, Director of the Zhitny Market, said that the market has long been in need of a large-scale update - this also applies to the appearance of the building and various internal utilities.

Funds for financing the market reconstruction project could be attracted either from the city budget or from a private investor. The market leadership decided to choose the second option. German businessman Florian Bohlen expressed his readiness to take part in the reconstruction of the Zhytny market house and the surrounding area.

After an open auction, part of the market premises was leased to a private investor with subsequent placement of catering establishments and provision of services to the population.

As Yevgeny Shevchenko explained, there was no talk of selling it, since Zhytniy is communal property.

After the renovation, the purpose of the building will not change, it will continue to function as an agricultural market. On the ground floor it will be possible to purchase farm products, and on the second floor it is planned to place breweries, cheese factories, bakeries, food courts and a children's area. New establishments will be located exclusively in the free premises of the building. The appearance of the market will not change, because one of the goals of the renovation is to preserve the authentic modernist building of the 1980s.

Not so long ago, German businessman Florian Bohlen, founder of German Kraft Beer breweries and establishments, began to oversee the management of Tarantino Family restaurants. The network includes 28 restaurants and 12 brands.

Florian Bohlen has an impeccable reputation and extensive experience in similar projects in various European countries. He opened several successful establishments in London.

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