Israeli investors to build a modern sports complex in Bucha for $1.2 million

Israeli investors to build a modern sports complex in Bucha for $1.2 million

A group of Israeli real estate investors are leading the construction of a modern sports and entertainment complex in Bucha worth $1.2 million.

As an expression of international support and cooperation, a group of Israeli real estate investors is leading the construction of a modern sports and leisure complex in the city of Bucha, Ukraine. With an estimated investment of around US$1.2 million, this ambitious project aims to revitalize the region and provide much-needed recreational facilities to the local population. The 2,700 square meter complex is scheduled to open its doors to the public next summer.

Before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out, around 40,000 people lived in the picturesque town, mostly from the upper middle class. However, as the tides of war swept the country, Bucha endured a brief occupation and massacre by Russian forces before being liberated by brave Ukrainian forces. Many residents from across Ukraine, especially from the Bucha region, are gradually returning to their homes and are actively looking for some semblance of normality.

CPA Alex Sotovsky, an Israeli chartered accountant who specializes in business development and financial management for Israeli companies operating in Ukraine, stressed the importance of international assistance to Ukraine’s ongoing reconstruction efforts.

Ukraine needs more than just money to rebuild

“Like many other cities in Ukraine, Bucha is in the midst of reconstruction and is enjoying an influx of international budgets. However, the funding is not enough. Many cities in the country are unable to cope with the damage cleanup on their own and need the support of entrepreneurial companies and foreign contractors in a wide range of areas, particularly real estate, health and leisure infrastructure,” he said.

The upcoming country club in Bucha, which is scheduled to open its doors in August this year, is located in a new and modern business center that was built in the city two years ago. The Country Club will have amenities such as a swimming pool, heated pools for children, a dedicated pool for toddlers, a spa with locker rooms, a jacuzzi, a sauna, dedicated rooms for various sports disciplines, a gymnasium, a functional training area, designated rooms for singles and group training, a martial arts complex, and an attractive children’s activity center that includes summer camps, various physical education classes, and playrooms.

According to Sotovsky, who represents the group of Israeli investors, the physical revitalization of Ukrainian cities needs to be complemented with psychological and emotional healing efforts that the country’s residents need, particularly those living in conflict zones. This represents a significant business opportunity for foreign investors, Sotovsky explained.

“Many studies show that physical activity has a positive mental effect and is very helpful in reducing stress, managing anxiety and improving mood. In Ukraine people are thirsty for it. They’re looking for familiar points of sanity and normality,” he said.

“Ukrainians are trying to get back to normal and rebuild their lives, including through sports activities,” he added. “Although the war is not over, we are already seeing a significant increase in demand for gym sign-ups in key cities across the country and this influx is expected to increase as the country returns to normal.”


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