AgTech Ukraine makes intro of new connecting panel — agribusiness and high tech

AgTech Ukraine makes intro of new connecting panel — agribusiness and high tech

AgTech Ukraine made a concept presentation in the Ukrainian office of agricultural major Agrogeneration gathering domestic delegates from high tech and agribusiness

The event was conducted in two stages in time in the Kyiv office of Agrogeneration.

  • On December 7, owners and top management of the largest agricultural holdings of Ukraine discussed the prospects of high tech agriculture in Ukraine, as they actively have been implementing innovations and IT solutions for the industry recently. Among them were John Shmorhun (Agrogeneration), Aleks Lisitsa (Industrial Milk Company), Vladimir Babiy (UkrLandFarming), Andrey Kyianenko (MHP), Petr Rybin (Astarta-Kiev), Peter Thompson (Ukrainian Agrarian Investments), Petr Melnik (Agricom Group), Sergey Yevlanchik (Ukrproduct Group), Yuriy Alatortsev (Titan Machinery), Vitaliy Filatov (Vaderstad), Marina Vyshygorodskikh (Ciklum), Sergey Demidenko (Trimble), Elena Voloshyna (IFC), Anton Zinchuk (ILF) and other.
  • On December 9, AgTech Ukraine delivered the presentation for a bigger audience including the largest holdings and SME agribusinesses, IT companies, agro-processing enterprises, business associations, producers of agricultural machinery, seed companies, chemicals suppliers, reps of the ministry of agriculture, fields-oriented universities, and startups in agtech

Agtech Ukraine is an independent association uniting the fields of high tech and agriculture. The main goal of the association is to facilitate better synergy of the most perspective industries of Ukraine; to set up structural interaction in making Ukraine one of the leading providers of the high-tech solutions in agriculture for the world markets.

AgTech Ukraine makes intro of new connecting panel — agribusiness and high tech

AgTech Ukraine makes intro of new connecting panel — agribusiness and high tech

The development of the agtech sector in Ukraine via AgTech Association will contribute to helping reap benefits, like development of domestic software solutions and equipment with a future export potential; attraction of investments into high tech sector; creation of a platform for tests and application of the prototypes aiming at optimization and increasing of the effectiveness of production processes in agricultural sector. As a result, Ukraine can position itself, as a European AgTech Center and AgTech Startups Destination.

The platform of AgTech Ukraine aims at:

  • Formation, consolidation and development of AgTech market in Ukraine
  • Creation of a platform for the exchange of information and interaction between the IT and agricultural sectors
  • Notifying farmers about existing new technologies for agriculture
  • Providing offers for IT and technological companies upon inquiries from the agricultural sector
  • Development and launching of information and analytical databases, as well as educational initiatives
  • Development of international cooperation in agtech at large

AgTech Ukraine will be beneficial for startups too. Now, young and mature teams may approach to and chance upon their clients and partners. The agricultural companies benefit from agtech by increasing their volumes of production and profits henceforth. After one year of business activity, AgTech Ukraine managed to organize several remarkable events stirring interests in many for the very subject of innovations and technologies for agriculture. 

Here is a list of events organized by AgTech Ukraine

18-20 September 2015 -  Agro IT-Booster Hackathon in Ternopil
27 November 2015 - IT and high tech in agriculture
19-21 February 2016 - National Ukrainian Hackathon on Agrarian Innovations
10 June 2016 - AgTech Forum 2016
10 November 2016 -  Conversion of agricultural machinery

At this, the association reps participated in the many related expos and conferences. The initiative of Agtech Ukraine got support from the leading companies in Ukraine.

AgTech Ukraine makes intro of new connecting panel — agribusiness and high tech

AgTech Ukraine is going to continue to actively develop the agtech market in Ukraine in 2017. The plans concern the following in particular:

  • Launching and organizing of the format events, like Precision Farming, Technology, AgTech Forum, Precision Farming Equipment, International Hackathon on Agrarian Innovations, National Ukrainian Hackathon on Agrarian Innovations, informative events (expo, educational, startup, media and press conferences).
  • Conducting analytical research
  • Cooperation with foreign institutions of the kind
  • Development and conducting of training courses for college and university teachers
  • Formation of electronic catalogues for companies, products and services
  • Preparation of amendments and modifications in educational programs for agrarian and technical universities and colleges
  • Launching of training courses for employees of agro companies

AgTech has also developed an acceleration program for startups (technological projects in agriculture). The participants will receive professional advice with no time restraints from tutors and mentors who possess practical experience. The startupers will also gain access to scientific and technical databases and to running tests in real-life environment. AgTech invites all the interested parties to join the platform to develop high tech for agriculture.

The members may benefit from:

  • Exclusive events of AgTech Ukraine
  • Discounts for partners events
  • Matchmaking for company reps
  • Access to startups and innovations in AgTech
  • Regular newsletters and relevant news
  • Access to contacts in e-catalogue
  • Free access to local and world industry reports and analytics
  • The latest information and insights on innovations in agriculture

The full membership package will add value via marketing support, access to mentors, and discounts for events. 

On the matter of cooperation and membership, please contact at:

Yuriy Petruk [email protected]  | 093 843 94 08
Alexey Oleynikov [email protected]  | 067 713 65 71 

Written by Bogdan Zakharkiv [email protected] |067 354 01 75

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