Digital Future to invest €200,000 in Ukrainian startup

Digital Future to invest €200,000 in Ukrainian startup

Ukrainian startup that develops projects in the field of symbiotic artificial intelligence, raised €200,000 from local venture fund Digital Futur

The money will be used to develop the company’s first project,, which aims to “track all dimensions of your life automatically” with “automatic monitoring of mood changes and emotions.”

It took just 30 minutes to Digital Future to take the decision to invest in the startup, told Digital Future CEO Alexey Vitchenko. “We immediately saw in LifeTracker a promising project,” he said. The fund also expects to develop its own AI projects based on PDNA’s platform.

LifeTracker tracks your family activities, hobbies, sports or relationships. The solution provides personalized recommendations by “automatically categorizing tasks, activities, content and applications, and matching them to specific life areas.”

“That’s how it delivers you the right thing at the right time. It helps you to manage ‘unmanageable’ stuff like family, time with kids, an hour with a new book, or just a short walk alone to decompress a little bit,” the startup claims.

Another feature, called “Your Symbiotic AI,” is presented as a kind of technological “alter ego.” It will “protect you from the digital distractions of the modern world” by “filtering your communications and understanding what is important for you right now, in this current context.”

Based on this, your tech devices and services may be enabled “automatically and rapidly” in the most relevant way.

On the steps of Google and Facebook?

In the future, the startup plans to connect LifeTracker — now available only as iOS and Adroid apps — with a variety of interfaces, including IoT interfaces. The startup’s ultimate goal is to create a universal platform which would cover all aspects of human life.

“In a way similar to Google, which reflects statically the world’s information, and Facebook, which reflects social graphs, we hope to use data about people’s interactions to model their individual and collective behavior,” AIN.UA quoted PDNA’s CEO Mikhail Nestor as saying.

“In contrast with these companies, however, we don’t plan to sell personal data or generate advertising revenues,” Nestor added.

LifeTracker, which currently employs seven people, is taking part in the acceleration program of Startupbootcamp IoT Barcelona. Nestor plans to present the solution at the Mobile World Congress, which will take place next month in the same city.

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