Epicenter invested in the installation of 10,000 solar panels and plans to develop 1 million m2 of roof space

Epicenter invested in the installation of 10,000 solar panels and plans to develop 1 million m2 of roof space

DIY chain Epicenter has begun implementing a project to install solar power plants on the roofs of its own shopping centers. The first 10,000 solar panels have already been installed in five ...

Solar power plants (SPS) are equipped on the roofs of three Epicenter shopping centers in Kyiv and two in Vinnitsa. They were installed in record time (45 days) to get the most out of the summer period.

“We are installing state-of-the-art panels capable of generating electricity for up to 40 years. The total capacity of the five solar power plants that have already been put into operation is almost 6,000 kW, which is equivalent to more than 1 million 5W light bulbs,” said Angelina Burlakova, director of the Electrical Engineering department at Epicenter.

According to Epicenter estimates, the installation of solar power plants will satisfy about 30% of the needs of shopping centers. In addition, the operation of the first five solar power plants will prevent atmospheric pollution by emissions of up to 2 million tons of CO2 per year, the company noted.

Epicenter plans to equip both the network of shopping centers and other enterprises of the Epicenter K group of companies with solar panels. Including logistics centers and manufacturing enterprises.

The installation of solar panels is also planned in the new Epicenter shopping centers, which are under construction or reconstruction. In particular, on st. Balzac in the capital, as well as in Bucha and Chabany, Kyiv region, the press service of the company reported.

In addition, at the development stage there is a project for solar power plant equipment on the roof of the Epicentr Ceramic Corporation ceramic tile production facility located in the Kalinovka village of the Kyiv region. According to preliminary estimates, the payback period for the installation of solar panels will be 3.5-4 years.

Businesses paid an average of 5.5 UAH/kWh for electricity from the network. Last winter, with power outages from Russian strikes on the power grid, electricity for a business cost twice as much. High electricity prices and a decrease in the cost of solar power plants encourage companies to install solar power plants for their own consumption, said Artem Semenishin, director of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine. Since 2020, the cost of solar power plants has fallen by a third to $600/kW.

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