Epicenter to invest $76.5 million in equipment up to 3 mln sq.m with solar panels until the end of 2025

Epicenter to invest $76.5 million in equipment up to 3 mln sq.m with solar panels until the end of 2025

Epicenter plans to invest $76.5 million in significant expanding the project for the installation of solar power plants, and will equip own shopping, logistics centers and also production ...

A large-scale project to use solar energy was launched by Epicenter in 2023: then the company installed solar power plants on the roofs of three shopping centers in Kyiv and two in Vinnytsia with a total capacity of about 6 MW.

"The installation of solar panels has created the opportunity to achieve energy substitution of about 30% of the needs of shopping centers. Equally important, solar energy is much more environmentally friendly, it allows us to reduce the level of pollution and burden on the environment. Taking into account the factors of economy and environmental friendliness, Epicenter decided to double its investments into the project and equip about 3 million square meters of space with solar panels," Director of the Electrical Engineering department of the Epicenter network Anhelina Burlakova said.

In 2024, Epicenter has already commissioned a new solar power plant with a capacity of more than 1 MW on the roof of the Epicenter shopping center opened in Kyiv on Balzaka street. Plans for this year include equipping 17 more retail and logistics facilities with solar panels, which will increase the total capacity of the solar power plant by 25 MW.

The current investment plan of Epicenter provides for the allocation of $76.5 million for equipping about 1 million square meters with solar panels. m of roof area of our own enterprises by the end of 2025. In total, it is planned to conclude agreements to finance green energy projects, which will allow the use of solar power plants on about 3 million square meters of area.

Epicenter is also considering the possibility of building ground-based solar power plants to meet the needs of the group of companies' production facilities.

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