European Union structural funds. Opportunities for Ukraine

European Union structural funds. Opportunities for Ukraine

At the end of May «Investment projects. EU funds» training devoted to investment projects writing in European structural funds took place in Kyiv.

More than 30 entrepreneurs from all over the country participated in this training. The selection of target audience wasn`t randomized, as entrepreneurs indeed are the most active social group and men of action oriented on innovative development. They are the first who are ready to master the instruments, which has been used by European business for a long time. This opportunity is particularly topical nowadays, as EU New financial prospect in which appropriation of funds for business development within the territory of EU and associate countries being foreseen, has been set up. By the way, similar capabilities also exist for Ukrainian academic environment representatives and Third Sector.

The training was held by coaching staff     comprising skilled practitioners, who had long-term experience in project writing and its realization.

CEASC fund chief executive and an expert in project writing in EU structural funds Nicolay Smolynskyi acquainted participants with available search capabilities of additional funding for business organizations in the frame of European funds with financial prospect detailed elaboration for 2014 – 2020.

Some details of work with investment projects like preparation algorithm, funding source analysis, project application algorithm were outlined by Tomash Yaniak, Polish lawyer and economist (MBA), an expert in search of financial resources and project management for the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, expert of educational and investment projects.

Tomash Yaniak has a solid experience in investment projects       financial backing consulting sphere and also in cross-border business development in the territory of EU. Using numerous examples he explained all stages of writing procedure and ‘strong’ project submittal, starting with business ideas which can lay claim to investment    governmental grants and finishing with project reporting. On Business-Case which was offered by Tomash participants were able to spell out all margins of project proposal almost step by step. Moreover participants dealt with project supporting materials and analyzed financial resources as well.

All nuances of project financial analysis were presented by Marcus Eropulos, an expert in financial analysis, writing, management and reporting of investment projects. Session devoted to financial analysis showed by how much project chances on governmental grants increase in case of analysis being accomplished in professional way. Thuswise Marcus Eropulos` presentation provoked huge interest among audience.

The training in Kyiv became a next step for Ukrainian business representatives on the way to business-idea realization in the frame of EU New financial prospect for 2014 - 2020. This project showed that by having a good idea and a project-based approach of realization       it is realistic to obtain financing from European structural funds.

According to T. Yaniak as early as June of this year in Poland it is expected the proclaiming of EU priorities for next few years whereafter it is going to appear a lot of tenders whereon it will be possible to send in a project for governmental grant obtaining. Therefore training participants even as we speak can start searching for fellow partners and preparing project proposals in order to be among the first to obtain business-idea realization funds.

The next training on similar topic is going to be held in Odessa from July 2 to 4.

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