Former TA Ventures Partner Igor Pertsiya Launches $25M Hypra Fund

Former TA Ventures Partner Igor Pertsiya Launches $25M Hypra Fund

Hypra Fund will focus on investments in Web3 companies using decentralized technologies and cryptocurrencies

Igor Pertsia's Hypra Fund will primarily focus on investing in service companies working with Web3 technologies, and after the victory, it will invest in product companies. Preference is given to Ukraine and Ukrainian founders.

The general partner of the fund and its key investor was Dmitry Volkonsky, who had previously sold a stake in his company TRIONIKA.

Hypra will be the first fund in Ukraine that will focus only on Web3 projects.

As Igor Pertsiya explained, the Hypra model is a joint venture fund that will focus on buying shares in existing product or service businesses, as well as creating and turning promising teams into working startups. The fund is ready to buy out 20-30% of the business, and the checks will reach up to $2 million.

Web3 - everything that is decentralized or has the potential to become so. We are talking about projects using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, NFT.

Igor Pertsiya noted that, according to, by 2025, a billion people will have access to cryptocurrencies.

We are ready to take well-versed technical guys under our wing and help them with the missing marketing expertise and processes. This is the main value of the fund. In the cryptocurrency industry, money is not everything - here you can collect hundreds of millions from users in the first couple of months. The most important thing is quality help.

According to the founder of Hypra, the uniqueness of investing in Web3 lies in the fact that they represent the purchase of project tokens, and this asset is incredibly liquid compared to startup shares.

Igor Pertsiya predicts that investments from foreigners will begin about six months after the signing of the truce.

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