Max Polyakov, founder of Firefly Aerospace intends to invest in Ukraine

Max Polyakov, founder of Firefly Aerospace intends to invest in Ukraine's military technology

Max Polyakov, founder of the US-headquartered aerospace company Firefly Aerospace, announced his readiness to invest in Ukraine's military and intelligence technologies

According to Max Polyakov, Ukraine can and should intensify the development of its own technologies that would significantly enhance the country's security.

"I am ready to invest in military and intelligence technologies aimed at strengthening the security of Ukraine," Polyakov said.

In addition, the businessman expressed confidence that Ukraine should not depend on the delays of international partners or many months of concluding contracts with foreign companies - on the contrary, the country needs to independently create modern weapons.

Earlier, in March 2022, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov, together with EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), called on international companies and organizations involved in remote sensing of the Earth to provide Ukraine with data from SAR satellites to track the movement of enemy troops.

Noosphere Ventures is owned by Ukrainian-born and British citizen Max Polyakov. Previously, his stake in Firefly (Cedar Park, Texas, USA), which develops a line of launch vehicles and spacecraft of small and medium payloads, was 58% of the company's shares. However, under pressure from the US government, Max Polyakov had to sell his stake in the rocket company Firefly Aerospace for $1.

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