Polish Laude moved logistics business from Russia to Ukraine worth €100 million and plans more investments

Polish Laude moved logistics business from Russia to Ukraine worth €100 million and plans more investments

Logistics operator Laude intends to invest €250 million in an economic exchange program between Ukraine and the EU

The Laude group of companies, a Polish logistics operator, transferred to Ukraine assets worth EUR100 million from the Russian Federation and Central Asian countries, the company plans to invest another EUR250 million in the economic exchange program between Ukraine and the EU, the press service of Laude reported.

"The Laude group of companies is expanding its potential in Ukraine. A logistics company from Torun (Poland) over the past few months has transferred its assets worth EUR100 million to Ukraine. These are all assets that were previously located in Russia and Central Asian countries," the report says.

It is noted that, among other things, the movement included 510 specialized railway platforms and several thousand containers, which are actively used to transport products from Ukraine to Europe.

The company plans to increase investments in Ukraine by acquiring locomotives, wagons and containers.

"We have decided to implement an investment program worth about EUR250 million aimed at economic exchange between Europe and Ukraine. Railways here are a key element for both exports and imports, and the company is an important operator," the company's CEO Marcin Witczak said.

Laude reported that in May, after a thorough and lengthy check, they received approval for cooperation with Ukrzaliznytsia.

"This is a key agreement, which means that we are very closely connected with the Ukrainian market," he commented.

At the same time, Laude's development plans go beyond the expansion of logistics systems.

“Among several hundred employees of the company, there are many specialists from Ukraine. We are working on a training program for drivers from Ukraine,” said the CEO of the company.

Laude Group belongs to one of the largest importers of steel from Ukraine to the EU – ATS S.A. Laude is active in international markets through its companies, connecting eastern and western transport routes through Poland. The company's activities over the past 15 years have been carried out in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Moldova (formerly in the Russian Federation). The company cooperates with contractors from Turkey, China, and India. Over the past years, it has been actively investing in the development of Laude in Germany.


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