Ukrainian light industry giant Tekstil-Kontakt bought a shoe factory in Chigirin

Ukrainian light industry giant Tekstil-Kontakt bought a shoe factory in Chigirin

The Tekstil-Kontakt company bought a factory in Chigirin and launched a new direction - shoe production

Managing partner of TK-Home Textile Vladimir Martsenyuk said that the company acquired a shoe factory in Chigirin with a capacity of up to 20 thousand pairs of shoes per month. The company did not work during the coronavirus and the war

Vladimir Martsenyuk noted: “When we bought it (the enterprise in Chigirin), five people worked there - four security guards and a janitor. Today, a month has passed, there are already 40 workers there, and we have already made the first 2,000 pairs of shoes. There is quite modern Italian equipment there. Now we are gradually developing and mastering production.”

Martsenyuk said that Textile-Contact decided to take a new direction because of cooperation with UN structures.

The managing partner of TK-Home Textiles explained: “Let’s say they order our group of products - there is a pillow, a blanket, a mattress, a bedding set, a towel. Then they started adding panties, a jacket, trousers, thermal underwear to this set. And then shoes, because they don’t want to buy only home textiles or just clothes. Humanitarian missions then give these sets to displaced people, refugees who suffered in Ukraine, and we thank them very much for this, they hold tenders with a large number of participants, where many Turks, Chinese, Poles come, and to us. manages to win and deliver products. And they evaluate these risks, choosing us even over foreign suppliers."

Tekstil-Kontakt plans to increase production to 15 thousand pairs per month and increase the number of employees to at least 100 people.

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